Russia’s Offer of Anti-ISIL Alliance Met with Obama Bluster

In his speech before the United Nations General Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered a proposal to create a coalition of nations to battle the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Putin’s coalition would be modeled after the anti-Hitler coalition created by the Allies during World War II.

But rather than magnanimously accept Russia’s offer as did President Franklin Roosevelt in accepting Moscow’s offer of an alliance against Nazi Germany in World War II, President Barack Obama resorted to his familiar grandstanding and bluster before the cameras and the assembled delegates in the General Assembly hall.

There would be no ISIL had it not been for Obama’s foolhardy and dangerous game of deciding to stage «social network-based» revolutions in Libya, Syria, and other countries in furtherance of the idiotic «Responsibility to Protect» (R2P) casus belli engineered by two of the people who sat in the U.S. delegation as Obama spoke to the General Assembly.

They were his former ambassador to the UN and now national security adviser Susan Rice and his current ambassador to the UN Samantha Power. Both women are graduates of the George Soros school of fomenting international crises in furtherance of hedge fund profits on a grand scale.

The day after Putin’s offer of an international grand coalition to take on ISIL, Obama offered up some weak-kneed measures, including imposing sanctions and asset freezes on 35 individuals and groups known for quite some time to have been supporters of ISIL.

In addition, Obama said the U.S. was increasing its propaganda operations to deter «young people» from flocking to ISIL’s ranks. Obama tried to steal the thunder from Putin’s initiative by staging an «anti-terrorism summit» at the UN.

Obama managed to invite a couple of U.S. «sock puppets», including Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, and Norwegian Prime Minister Emma Solberg to his summit in order to give it the imprimatur of a global event.

For Obama and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, the only way to defeat ISIL is to force Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from office. This insane policy is exactly how ISIL managed to gain control over a majority of Syrian territory and expand its control of land deep into Iraq.

Obama fails to understand that it was the overthrow by NATO and the CIA of secular Arab leaders like Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi and the attempt to overthrow the secular Assad that caused ISIL to gain so much power. Russia correctly understood Obama’s policy of arming and training Syrian «moderates» was a joke, because, as General Lloyd Austin, the commander of the U.S. Central Command, stated in testimony before the U.S. Senate, the United States was only able to find «4 to 5» Syrian «moderates» to train as part of the phantom «Free Syrian Army.»

The Pentagon also confirmed that arms and ammunition provided to the phony Free Syrian Army made their way into the hands of the Al Nusra Front, allies of both Al Qaeda and ISIL, depending on the area of Syria involved and the day of the week.

It was the much-heralded late U.S. envoy to the Libyan Islamist rebels, Christopher Stevens, who set up a «rat line» of arms smuggling channels to the Syrian Islamists from arms caches captured from Qaddafi, who bears some of the blame for the specter of ISIL in Syria.

It was a Central Intelligence Agency arms deal gone bad that resulted in Stevens’s murder by Libyan arms smuggling rebels on September 12, 2012, at a CIA warehouse in Benghazi. This served as the impetus for the «Benghazi Gate» scandal that has tarnished then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, then-CIA director David Petraeus, and then-UN ambassador Susan Rice.

The CIA has always supported the most radical elements of Islamist guerrilla groups it incubates. The CIA always claims that it only supports Islamist groups committed to «democracy» and «moderation» but this is and always has been a flagrant lie.

At the very outset of the clandestine CIA support for the Afghan Mujaheddin against the socialist government of Afghanistan and its Soviet allies in 1979, the CIA always favored the most radical elements because that is how America’s allies in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan wanted it.

The CIA gave military support to the most radical Mujaheddin warlord, Gulbudin Hekmatyar, leader of the Hezb-e Islami terrorist organization and prime minister of Afghanistan from 1993 to 1994. Today, Hekmatyar is allied with the Taliban against the Kabul government and U.S. forces.

When the Taliban began making gains in northern Afghanistan, ISIL, the Taliban’s major enemy in Afghanistan, suspiciously began making gains in the eastern part of the country.

This pattern has been seen in Syria and Iraq. As Syrian Kurds, who are neutral on Assad remaining in power, made gains in the northeast part of Syria, ISIL went on the offensive against the Kurds with the support of Turkey and its NATO benefactor, the United States. Similarly, as Iraqi Kurds, with the support of the forces of Kurdish forces in Turkey, consolidated their gains against ISIL in Iraq, ISIL, with the support of the Americans, Saudis, and Turks went on the offensive against the Kurds in Iraq. ISIL also approached the outer suburbs of Baghdad.

Obama wrongly believes ISIL’s power is supplemented by a few hundred teenagers arriving from the West and other countries to join its ranks. If Obama ever showed leadership and sat John O. Brennan, his Wahhabist-oriented and pro-Saudi CIA director, down for a serious talk, Obama would realize that ISIL’s support comes from decisions made inside the secure rooms of Langley, Virginia with the connivance of the intelligence services of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, France, Britain, and Israel.

There is little doubt that the U.S. military and CIA have assisted ISIL forces on the ground in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. U.S. and Israeli arms transfers to ISIL affiliated groups in Syria were identified by Iraqi officials in Baghdad and Kurdish officials in the regional capital of Erbil who witnessed U.S. air drops of weapons and supplies to ISIL units in Anbar province in western Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan. Israeli commandos were also seen handing off weapons to ISIL units operating in Anbar.

ISIL-linked units received U.S. arms when members of an entity called the «New Syrian Forces» handed them over to the Nusra Front.

ISIL forces before they joined the terrorist group received training from U.S. Special Forces and the intelligence agencies of U.S. allies. These ISIL commanders include:

• Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov, the U.S. Special Forces-trained former commander of the Tajikistan OMON special forces.

• Georgian army veteran Tarkhan Batirashvili, also known as Abu Omar al Shishani, was trained in special operations by the U.S. in Georgia.

• Ibrahim Samarrai, aka “Abu Bakr al-Baghdad», also known as the caliph of the Islamic State, is said by Iranian intelligence to have been an asset of the CIA.

• David Drugeon, former French DGSE intelligence officer, is a leader of the ISIL-allied Khorasan Group in Syria.

• Boubaker El-Hakim, a Tunisian terrorist linked to ISIL, was reportedly a French intelligence asset.

• Samantha Lewsthwaite, also known as Sherafiyah Lewthwaite and the «White Widow», daughter of a British Army officer and graduate of the MI6-linked School of Oriental and African Studies in London, oversaw Somali Al Shabaab attacks in Kenya. Al Shabaab has sworn allegiance to ISIL.

Many more Syrian rebels receiving training at a secret camp near Safawi, Jordan, have gone on to join ISIL ranks in Syria and Iraq.

Obama claims that ISIL has expanded due to the lack of opportunities for Muslim youth and a barrage of radical propaganda from Islamist extremist figures. He forgot to add another important reason for ISIL’s rapid growth: the active support ISIL has received from the CIA, the Department of Defense, and U.S. allies in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Britain, and France.

President Putin made an honest offer of a grand coalition to fight against ISIL. However, to date, the only parties to such a coalition that will take firm action against the Western-incubated terrorist group are Russia, Iran, the Syrian government of Bashar al Assad, Lebanese Hezbollah, China, and Iraq.

With ISIL activity, especially the looting of artifacts for sale to unscrupulous Israeli black marketers, already being reported in the Gorno-Badakshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan and Afghanistan’s Badakshan province, perhaps Tajikistan and Afghanistan, including the Taliban, can be brought into the grand coalition.

Other countries have a stark choice: either stick with Obama and his friends and see ISIL gain even more strength and territory or opt for the Russo-Sino-Iranian coalition and see ISIL finally vanquished.



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