Russian Diplomatic Academy President: “DPRK′s Decision Will Depend on U.S. Attitude”

The ball is in the U.S. court!

Badzhanov, president of Diplomatic Academy under the Foreign Ministry of Russia, issued a commentary over the serious situation now prevailing in the Korean Peninsula, according to

ITAR-TASS on March 28.

Future decisions to be made by the new leader of the DPRK will depend on the U.S. acts, the commentary said, and went on:

Leader Kim Jong Un is a simple and sociable young man.

He resembles President Kim Il Sung in many aspects as he is well versed in information technology, economy, history and all other fields.

The U.S. has strained its nerves when other countries had access to a few missiles.

It has pursued vicious hostile policy toward the DPRK for more than half a century, while getting itself fully equipped with huge missiles, planes, etc.

The DPRK could neither overlook nor tolerate the U.S. gangster-like act.

It was assured time and again that only nuclear weapons could curb the U.S. invasion.

Nuclear dismantlement is possible only when one is absolutely sure of one’s own security.

To this end, the U.S. should start the work of recognizing the DPRK in a diplomatic way.

It should discard the stand of regarding diplomatic acknowledgement as a great concession or as a show of good faith.

The only way for it is to expand relations with the DPRK so as to lead it to dismantle nukes.

The ball is in the U.S. court.

Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA)

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