Putin: “Russia Will Support DPRK and the Heroic Korean People in Their Struggle Against the Treacherous, Dangerous and Aggressive Enemy, in Their Fight for Independence, Identity and the Right to Freely Choose Their Development Path”

“Russia Highly Values DPRK’s Support in Conducting Operation in Ukraine”

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow highly values North Korea’s support in conducting the special military operation in Ukraine. 

“We highly appreciate the DPRK’s unwavering support for Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, their solidarity with us on key international matters and willingness to defend our common priorities and views within the UN,” Putin said ahead of his state visit to the North Korea tothe main North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

Russian President further noticed that Russia and North Korea will develop payment mechanisms that are not controlled by Western countries and jointly oppose illegitimate restrictions.

“We will develop alternative trade and mutual settlements mechanisms not controlled by the West, jointly oppose illegitimate unilateral restrictions, and shape the architecture of equal and indivisible security in Eurasia,” Putin wrote.

It is also essential in nature that Russia will continue to support the people of North Korea in confrontation with Washington for the right to independently choose the path of development.

“Russia has incessantly supported and will support the DPRK and the heroic Korean people in their struggle against the treacherous, dangerous and aggressive enemy, in their fight for independence, identity and the right to freely choose their development path,” Putin said in an article for North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

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The Strength of North Korea

The Russian President noted that North Korea, despite many years of economic pressure, provocations, blackmail and military threats from the US, efficiently defends its interests.

“[T]he country’s leadership and its head Comrade Kim Jong Un have repeatedly expressed their intention to resolve all the existing differences by peaceful means. But Washington, refusing to implement previous agreements, keeps setting new, increasingly harsh and obviously unacceptable requirements.” Putin added.

Putin further highlighted that North Korea is achieving impressive results in improving its defense capabilities, as well as scientific and industrial power.

“We see the force, dignity and courage with which the people of the DPRK fight for their freedom, sovereignty and national traditions, achieving tremendous results and genuine breakthroughs in strengthening their country in terms of defence, technology, science and industry,” Putin said.

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Further Development of Russia-North Korea Relations and Ties

Putin took the opportunity to mention that Russia and North Korea will develop humanitarian cooperation, and increase mutual tourist trips and cultural exchanges.

“It goes without saying, we will develop people-to-people interaction between our countries. We plan to promote academic mobility between Russian and Korean higher education institutions, mutual tourist trips as well as cultural, educational, youth and sports exchanges – everything that makes communication between countries and nations people-centred, everything that enhances confidence and mutual understanding,” Putin stated.

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15 January, 17:18 GMT



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