Russia Will Overcome Economic Challenges

Russia Will Be Able To Overcome Economic Problems – Chinese Foreign Minister

“If the Russian side needs it, we shall offer all possible support we may have,” the  foreign minister said


China believes Russia will be able to overcome the current economic problems, and is ready to offer whatever assistance if needed, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in an interview with Hong Kong’s Fenghuang television channel on Sunday.

“We believe that Russia has opportunities and knowledge to overcome the current problems in the economy. The Chinese-Russian relations of strategic partnership are at a high level, we are always supporting and helping our friend. If the Russian side needs it, we shall offer all possible support we may have,” the foreign minister said.

China’s Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng told Fenghuang while commenting on the situation with rouble: “As for certain fluctuations in the stock market and the fluctuations in the currency market – they may be of certain interest for some capital investors, and from the practical cooperation point of view – we are still calm and promote actively our cooperation.”

The minister of commerce also expressed confidence the current financial and economic situation in Russia would not afflict implementation of the major Russian-Chinese projects in the energy, industries and other spheres.





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  1. The more apropos title should be “Russia will overcome Yankee Financial Terrorism” like it’s doing to Iran, Venezuela, and Argentina

    All these four countries suffer from a debased local currency measured against the USD and the resultant high inflation rate. Russia not so much on the inflation rate.

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