Russia, China May Help End Israeli-Palestinian Conflict for Good – Expert

The ongoing hostilities in the Gaza Strip region, triggered by the October 7 Hamas sneak attack on Israeli soil, show no signs of abating, with Israeli forces continuously hammering what they claim are Hamas targets inside the Palestinian enclave.

On October 17, the al-Ahli Arab Hospital in the Gaza Strip was virtually obliterated in an attack that claimed at least 500 lives, with both Israel and Hamas denying responsibility for this atrocity, while blaming it on each other.

Speaking at the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, Russian President Vladimir Putin described the hospital’s destruction as a tragedy and a humanitarian catastrophe, and expressed hope that this terrible event will be a “signal” that the bloody conflict in Gaza needs to end as soon as possible.

Commenting on this development, Dr. Kiyul Chung, editor-in-chief at the 4th Media and retired Professor of Tsinghua University, argued that he is “optimistically positive” that Russia and China may help resolve the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A missile strike at al-Ahli Arab hospital in Gaza – Sputnik International, 1920, 18.10.2023

‘They Lost Their Minds Last Night’: Gaza Resident on Hospital Bombing Tragedy

He argued that Russia, together with China and major Middle East powers such as Iran, would be able to “gradually introduce some practical combined actions” that would end the ongoing bloodbath in the Gaza Strip, “end the illegal occupation of Palestine territory” by Israel and finally help establish the “two independent states” – an Israeli one and a Palestinian one.

“Whatever their combined actions hopefully in the near future may be, those actions should be something that can guarantee peace and stability in the region by implementing military, political, economic, and humanitarian solutions,” Kiyul Chung added. “But no matter what those actions may be, they must be something that can bring about eventual reconstruction, refiguration, and reconciliation of the regional power relations which will eventually end the unspeakable suffering of Palestinians.”

He also remarked that the image projected by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping “is based upon the three most important principles of the 21st Century multipolar world such as mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and co-prosperity,” whereas the image “represented by Biden or the collective West” is essentially based on the logic of ‘might makes right’.


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