Rockefeller Council Demographers Subjected American Slums To Eugenic Mind-Control Ops

Until recently unsuspected and undetected, a publication surfaces straight from the Rockefeller Archives which speaks of eugenic mind-operations on the black community of Chicago in the early 1960s.

In an outright chilling speech the two men in charge of the operations, Donald Bogue and Palmore, told the American Public Health Association in 1964 that they were “”using the slums of Chicago as a ‘laboratory,’” hoping to develop “principles and theories which could be ‘exported’ overseas.“”, Ph.D. candidate Edmund Ramsden reveals in his paperBetween Quality and Quantity: The Population Council and the Politics of “Science-making” in Eugenics and Demography, 1952-1965.

After writing extensively on John D. Rockefeller III and his commitment to continue his forefather’s eugenic dream (to create an elite super-race while simultaneously depopulate the planet), Ramsden (now a doctor of the University of Exeter and the London School of Economics) managed to retrieve some mind-blowing findings from the Rockefeller Archive.

Quite inadvertently, it seems, the Ph.D-to-be stumbled upon evidence from within the archives of the Rockefellers themselves, which conclusivelyproves that “Chicago’s negro population” was subjected to experiments in a laboratory-setting conducted by Rockefeller’s “finest” social engineers.

According to the material Ramsden consulted in the Rockefeller Archives, the chief-operators Bogue and Palmore “attempted to uncover general patterns of resistance to birth control that existed in the developed and developing nations and drew parallels between “the crude birth rate of Chicago’s Negro population,” the rural South, India, and Puerto Rico.”

“The Population Council (…)”, he writes,“funded the University of Chicago in 1962-63 for a research program in “Problems of Bearing and Rearing Children in High-Fertility, Low-Income, Low-Education American Families.””

The implementation of this mysterious Problems of Bearing and Rearing Childrenin High-Fertility, Low-Income, Low-Education American Families-program on American families was executed with the help of several clinics, propagandists and other individuals, roaming the streets of Chicago during a good part of the 1960s.

“This”, writes Ramsden, “would be the first grant by the Population Council to evaluate an action program in the United States, and involved the establishment of a mobile communications center and clinic, the employment of medical personnel and social workers, interviewers, technical staff, the preparation of family planning communications materials, machine tabulation costs, and so on.”

Ramsden only skimmed over the subject in his paper, as it was helpful but not essential to his report. However we learn some more about the tactics used by these “mobile communication centers and clinics” in Mary Ziegler’s excellentReinventing Eugenics: Reproductive Choice and Law Reform After World War II: “Bogue’s assistants sent targeted mailings to people living in housing projects and advertised in what Bogue called “ethnic newspapers,” like the Chicago Defender. Frequently, he used volunteers who appeared to be objective or even friendly to dispense advice. African-American volunteers were instructed to befriend people in the neighborhoods studied before advising them to stop having children. Those with medical training were supposed to characterize their recommendations as objective medical advice rather than as propaganda put out by the Council.”

As Ramsden continues on the subject he writes something astonishing. Here is the quote in full:

“In 1963 this program was enlarged, through Population Council support, with the establishment of the Family Planning Communication-Motivation Workshop as part of the demographer Donald Bogue’s plan to develop “Training and Research Program for Fertility Control Through Action Programs.”

Speaking to the American Public Health Association in 1964, Bogue and Palmore explained that they were testing hypotheses for hastening the adoption of birth control practices and using mass communication and group motivation “campaigns” among groups with low education and low income. They explicitly stated that they were “using the slums of Chicago as a ‘laboratory,’” hoping to develop “principles and theories which could be ‘exported’ overseas.”

We stress that the quotes applied by Ramsden in the before mentioned citation are literal notes from the Rockefeller Archives.

Ramsden himself examined the Archives extensively but casually skimmed over this particular fact he uncovered, as he set out to compile a general history of eugenics in the United States. An interesting read for sure.

But the author hardly appreciated the fact that the admissions by Bogue and his colleague uncovered two important facts that have never before seen the light of day, namely 1: that the Chicago-experiment was designed to subject American families in a laboratory-setting to birth control-propaganda, and 2: export the results of these experiments to Third World nations with the aim of reducing the birthrate worldwide.

We must not forget when quoting these people, that the inhabitants of Chicago’s slums were American families with children. When presenting these cold facts it does not do to become desensitized or to shrug our shoulders in superficial indignation- for it is a terrible thing, when people in power target the human mind for their pleasure, systematically undermine their dreams and that in service of that ultimate vision: to exterminate “the unfit” in favor of a self-proclaimed biocratic elite.

And that is exactly what Bogue and Palmore set out to do as they attempted to halt “the crude birth rate of Chicago’s Negro population”.

This, of course, is a telltale sign of a eugenic operation underway, perhaps executed under the name “social development project”, perhaps under “family planning for the poor”- but eugenics is what it is, because it involves specifically targeting underprivileged and ethnic minorities in a “laboratory”-setting to export the findings to other people they seek to snuff out. Ramsden:

“For Bogue, the (…) “incompetents” were predominately the underprivileged “Negro and Puerto Rican” and other low-income residents on “public welfare” in the rural South, the Chicago slums, and low-income housing developments. He celebrated the development of “wonder drugs” that would “cure” the “really ‘sick’ patients,” such as the birth control pill. He exclaimed ecstatically to Notestein in July 1961 that the “all-Negro, low-income group is taking oral contraception like wildfire.”

Similarly, the Population Council post-partum program was justified, as in earlier eugenic literature, in terms of a community cost-saving exercise through the reduction of the fertility of socially and “medially indigent population” who reproduced at tax payers’ expense.”

That Bogue’s statements are not exaggerations or misquotations, but rather completely consistent with other statements he made during the course of the 1960s, is strikingly evident by his 1966 paper Population Growth, Problems, And Trends in the United States in which Bogue argues:

“Can the Negro population be assimilated in the near future or are Negroes likely to remain segregated and deprived necessitating large expenditures for public assistance and contributing to intergroup conflict?”

Words of a eugenic mind cautious enough not to venture out too far into his real objective. The same caution is noticeable among other social scientists and eugenicists from the 1940s onward. Let’s not forget that Frederick Osborn (who was handpicked by John D. Rockefeller to be president of the Population Council) had said: “Eugenic goals are most likely to be attained under another name than eugenics.” So it was that the name “eugenics” never crept up. The names “demography”, and “human ecology” however did creep up, and were cleverly put in its place.

“The Population Council’s “support of Bogue reflects a certain transition in the field of fertility research and planning from “family planning” towards a more pessimistic “population control.””, Ramsden writes.

Indeed. In a 2002 publication by the Population Council titled Training and Support of Developing-Country Population Scientists, the authors write:

“He (Bogue) encouraged articles on international demography and proposed that appropriate subject matter ranged from educational attainment to religious affiliation to ethnicity as long as it had a “demographic flavor.” He went further to suggest that the field of family planning research should be “co-opted” as a subfield of demography, asked that attention be paid to human ecology and community studies, and requested that the prejudice against social psychology in population studies be “softened””

What is meant by “pessimistic population control” in this regard, is nothing less than top-down indoctrination with the aid of mass media, or, what Bogue calls “mass communications” and “motivation campaigns”, designed to break the resistance of American families to the eugenic overlords. In order to do so, all disciplines of the scientific community should be brought together.

Deliberately used them as guinea-pigs in an experiment executed by the Rockefellers and their Population Council, low-income people and ethnic minorities were subjected to the rule of social engineers working. We also learn from Ramsden’s excavations that the president of the Council, Notestein, personally reported the progress made in the Chicago-experiment back to Rockefeller. Ramsden writes:

“Notestein wrote to John D. Rockefeller 3rd in September 1965: “We have given a good deal of thought to the ways in which one could attack the problem of reproduction in indigent and poorly-educated populations without getting into the hornet’s nest of ethnic and color discrimination. This project will go to that problem — we think dramatically.”

What Notestein meant by avoiding getting into “the hornet’s nest of ethnic and color discrimination” can be deduced from Mary Ziegler’s words when she wrote: “African-American volunteers were instructed to befriend people in the neighborhoods studied before advising them to stop having children.” In other words: blacks were used to target blacks. This strategy is reminiscent of the Nazi-policy in occupied Europe, to set up so-called “Jewish Councils”- which usually consisted of trusted individuals within the Jewish community- and were therefore trusted by the Nazis to assure victims were sufficiently obedient when they were loaded upon the trains to then be railed off to their deaths.

Apparently the Chicago-experiments were soon expanded into other American cities.

“The program again targeted hospitals that serviced the impoverished areas of Harlem, East Harlem, the lower Bronx, and in 1967 was expanded to include the Los Angeles County Hospital and the Wayne County General Hospital near Detroit.”, Ramsden writes.

And it didn’t stop there. Bogue and his beneficiaries expanded the operations even further, this time projecting the findings gathered in the slums of Chicago to those in the Third World. Listing Bogue’s accomplishments, the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population lauds him for working extensively with students from the Third World in so-called “Workshops”:

“Donald Bogue was also among the first to move such workshops to the countries or regions in which the participants worked to provide a more realistic environment for the training and opportunities for field visits. As part of this effort he held these workshops in Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Senegal, Lesotho, Gambia, and Tanzania.”

And it appears Bogue was very optimistic about what he calls “the world wide movement to bring runaway birth rates under control”. Utah State University professor B. Delworth Gardner in a series of lectures on the subject of “population control” quotes Bogue as saying:

“Recent developments in the world wide movement to bring runaway birth rates under control are such that it is now possible to assert with considerable confidence that the prospects for rapid fertility control are excellent.”

And further on in the lecture:

“The trend of the world-wide movement toward fertility control has already reached a state where declines in death rates are being surpassed by declines in birth rates. Because progress in death control is slackening and progress in birth control is accelerating, the world has already entered a situation where the pace of population growth has begun to slacken.”

Some 40 years after Bogue did his experiments, a professor at MIT, ferociously writing on a chalkboard, echoed the old eugenic oath. Telling her students that as future scientists they need not worry about the population growth in developed countries, but focus all the more on reducing the populations in developing ones, she continued by saying:

“(from 10 minutes, 10 seconds onward) The real trick is, in terms of trying to level off at someplace lower than that 9 billion, is to get the birthrates in the developing countries to drop as fast as we can. And that will determine the level at which humans will level off on earth.”

“As fast as we can”. This, at its core, is an admission of 21st century eugenics in action- and it is yet another example of the fact that eugenics has anything but died out. On the contrary: it has never been more alive.

Jurriaan Maessen is the writer and editor at Explosive Reports

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