Rethinking the challenge facing Muslim regions

There is a big challenge which all  Muslim countries are facing. Countries like Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya  have alreadyseen heavy influence from the West with the result being total chaos. 

The Western terrocracies  in the name of democracy, freedom and the bull, are murdering innocent Muslims in Muslim nations around the world. There are 100,000 US troops carrying out a war to suppress the resistance of the Afghan people to foreign occupation, an escalating air war in neighboring Pakistan and another 50,000 troops still occupying Iraq. The Obama administration is currently covering the reality about US imperialism  against Libya, a Muslim country in North Africa. Obama, the Nobel Prize winner politician is also concerned about inevitable popular opposition within the US itself, where recent polls indicate that two-thirds of the people interviewed believe that all terror wars Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya and Iran are fake and not worth fighting.

Muslims must survive

Imperialist USA and its friends in NATO are defending their anti-humanity actions within Muslim nations and NATO has shamelessly taken it as a birth right to invade sovereign Libya and divide the country and make it easy for the eastern Libyan rebel drunkards to have the oil rich zone so that the Western powers can have easy access to energy resources of President Qaddafi’s Libya.

The whole world should ask the Iraqis people, Afghanis and the Yugoslavs that how they feel about being liberated from oppression and their cities and being bombed and their children being killed in front of their eyes.

In 2003, invading Iraq was an idea that the U.S would escort in an era of democracy in the Arab world. But all the unrest in Iraq is actually an unrealistic expectation. It is clear that Iraq war was not liberation for many countries and people but pushed Iraq in to a bloody civil war that is still being played out. People in Iraq are very angry out there. They are lacking of all the basics of life such as food, electricity etc. So, this western style sounds great?

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