Religious war in the Balkans was orchestrated by USA and NATO

On July 18, the USA and NATO were accused of the massacre in the Balkans. Such accusations wouldn’t be surprising, if they came from the Serbs, for instance. This time, it goes about Croatia and Britain. To be more precise, it goes about the former commander of UN forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina, British General Michael Rose, and Vice President of the Republic of Srpska (RS, a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina), Emil Vlajki. The latter represents the Croats in the RS.

Mr. Rose directly accused the USA and NATO of the Srebrenica massacre. According to him, the massacre took place because UN’s peacemaking efforts were systematically disrupted during the conflict in Bosnia in 1992-1995.

The statement became Michael Rose’s response to another portion of criticism regarding the inaction of UN troops during the Bosnian war.

According to the general, after the deployment of UN troops in BiH, which mostly played the humanitarian role, NATO with the United States at the head were systematically undermining UN’s peacemaking efforts, violating the embargo on arms shipments in Yugoslavia. NATO and the USA were simultaneously arming and training the Bosnian Muslims, the general said. According to Rose, it gave the Muslims certainty of their ability to defeat the Serbs with the power of weapons. It also shattered confidence in the UN mission in the eyes of the parties of the conflict. The UN was thus unable to succeed in its peacemaking initiatives. NATO’s and USA’s air raids were unable to show influence on the events that were taking place on the ground. It virtually resulted in the collapse of the UN mission in 1995, which made General Ratko Mladic attack Srebrenica, Michael Rose said.

According to the British general, if NATO forces had been deployed in BiH in 1992, as BiH’s President Alija Izetbegovic wanted in order to put an end to the conflict in Croatia, neither the war, nor the massacre would have happened. UN peacemakers in Bosnia could not do anything against it because they had no mandate for it, nor were they equipped and trained properly for combat operations. That role belonged to NATO, but the alliance only confined itself to bombardments, the British general concluded.

As for the notorious statement from Emil Vlajki, he demanded the USA should bring its apologies for the Balkan events. Vlajki said that he wanted the States to apologize for convincing the leader of Bosnian Muslims Alija Izetbegovic to refuse from observing the terms of the Lisbon Treaty from 1992, which guaranteed peace in Bosnia.

According to Vlajki, the USA initiated the bloody war, which took the Serbs back to the pre-civil society of mutual hatred and feudalism. He also criticized the Americans for breaking the UN embargo for the delivery of arms in BiH during the war. Foreign Mujahideeds were thus given an opportunity to enter Bosnia, the official said. Vlajki also accused the Americans of turning BiH into a time bomb.

“Why did you deceive the Croats and made them unite with the Muslims into the Croatian-Muslim federation of BiH, which marked the beginning of the end of the Croatian nation in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina? They were interfering with our elections all the time after the Dayton Accord, because they were previously supporting the illegal, illegitimate and anti-Croatian government of platformists in the BiH Federation, established on the base of illegal decree from High Representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) Valentin Inzko,” he said.

To put it in a nutshell, Emil Vlajki warns of another conflict that may erupt in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It may happen because of the efforts of the United States again, he added. According to him, America was pursuing its own interest in this case. “To realize the idea of their prominent political scientist Samuel Huntington, they turned BiH into the key territory on which two civilizations – Islam and Christianity – would clash. The final goal of the States, Vlajki believes, was to slow down the unification of Europe.

Leonid Ivashov, the President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, commented on the notorious statements from the British general and the Croatian politician.

“I’d like to remind here of the international conference, which took place in 2009. The conference was devoted to the tenth anniversary of NATO’s war against Yugoslavia. There were two reports made during the meeting, which said that the destruction of that country was planned in the West long before the events in 1991-1999. A report from French General Pierre Gallois was especially interesting at this point. He told of the secret meeting at the French General Staff in 1985, during which NATO’s leading countries were elaborating the plans to destroy Yugoslavia.

“The report from Michel Chossudovsky of Canada was a very interesting one too. He particularly said that the World Bank was also planning the destruction of Yugoslavia. The existence of this socialist state and its system, which differed from the systems of other Western states, was threatening Europe and the West in general. Yugoslavia did not fit in the picture of the world, which Washington and Brussels would like to build.

“As for the Srebrenica events, one shouldn’t forget that it was the Americans, as well as the Vatican to a certain extent, that fostered hatred between the Serbs and the Bosnians. It was them, who pushed the Islamic clergy of Bosnia towards publishing the fatwah about the struggle against the infidels. The goal was different here – they wanted Islam and Christianity to clash.

“As for technical issues, the job was done by mercenaries from Western countries, from the USA, first and foremost. It goes about private military campaigns, in which soldiers would guise themselves as warriors of hostile sides. They would commit numerous crimes trying to provoke massacre.

“Unfortunately, one has to acknowledge today that the West achieved its goal. Yugoslavia was destroyed, but the Americans are trying to destroy even the proud Serbian spirit to completely bury their aspiration for independent politics. That was the time when the West tested a completely new kind of war, the continuation of which we can now witness in Libya and Syria,” Ivashov said.

Sergei Balmasov


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