Receiver units for illegal TV programs make subtle entry into Xi’an market

A new type of receiver unit, capable of accessing illegal TV programs and with a striking physical resemblance to USB flash drives, has recently made a covert entry into the electronics market in Xi’an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province.

The receiver units, when plugged into computers, can access thousands of domestic TV programs and some uncensored overseas TV channels, even pornography.

The price of the gadget varies from 30 yuan ($4.6) to 250 yuan ($38.7). Despite its illegality, some sellers have displayed the receiver units on their shelves, even going to the extent of demonstrating how to install them and connect to porn stations.

When asked where they buy the contraband products, shop owners tend to avoid giving direct answers, as the purchase and vending of the receiver units is against the law.

The Administrative Rules Concerning Audio-Visual Programs Transmitted over the Internet forbids individuals and apartment units to broadcast, access and integrate with illegal TV and radio programs or audio-visual program websites. Installation of a satellite dish requires government permission.

Source: Global Times

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