Raymond Davis case – a new twist

A dispute is going on between U.S and Pakistan about Raymond Davis. According to a Telegraph report, Raymond Davis, 36, has worked for U.S Special Forces. This puts to question his identy as a diplomat – as the U.S. government claims.

Last month Americans were insisting that Raymond Davis has a diplomatic immunity and were demanding the Pakistani government to release him.

According to the report from the Telegraph, Raymond Davis case has provoked a surge in anti- American hostility and spawned a wave of conspiracy theories. Many Pakistanis are demanding that Raymond Davis be punished. The Pakistani government handed this case to the Punjab Court where Raymond Davis killed two people (while a third person later died of his wounds) in the main area of the city in Lahore.

The Telegraph report revealed that Raymond Davis was employed by the CIA and that he was engaged in an undercover operation.

One of the famous English newspapers of Pakistan, The Nation newspaper claimed that Raymond’s duty was also to keep the CIA network intact in the tribal agencies where AL Qaida has maintained bases. He was also acquainted with the local language.

Since last month, the Obama administration has been demanding for the release of Raymond Davis (seen at the center of the photo above -being escorted to a court by Pakistani police)because of his diplomatic immunity. Many Pakistanis are wondering how a diplomat can shoot people with such a great precision and accuracy. The people are also wondering why the “diplomat” was roaming around in a host country with a pistol, four loaded magazines, a camera containing photographs of sensitive locations of Pakistan, a GPS navigation system and a small telescope.

There are daily protests in Pakistan since this in occurred last month. The Pakistani media and religious organizations in the country have openly expressed their anger, and are demanding justice in this unfortunate incident.

– Photo: Google

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