Raisi Martyred (By Zionists) It’s a Safe Presumption: But Revenge May be Best Served Cold

Below is a slightly condensed and edited transcript of today’s interview with Richie Allen.

Richie Allen: The Israelis say, “not us, we didn’t do it.” I’m inclined to not know what to think. I’m looking for motivation. And I’m thinking, well, Khamenei will just find another guy like the president and nothing will change. What say you?

Kevin Barrett: Well, I think Israel did it, Richie, and they are the world’s most outrageous psychopathic liars. So anything they deny can be taken as confirmation.

Richie Allen: But have you any proof that Israel did it?

Kevin Barrett: Of course not. That’s way above my pay grade.

Richie Allen: You know, I’m not being silly or childish when I ask that. But, you know, Israel has been blamed for it. from everything from September the 11th—

Kevin Barrett: Which they did.

Richie Allen: —to the (7/7/2005) bombings in London—

Kevin Barrett: Which they did.

Richie Allen: —to guys slipping on banana skins in Manchester on a Saturday night coming out of the pub.

Kevin Barrett: I’m not so sure about that one.

Richie Allen: They will say, where’s the proof and where’s the motivation? What do we have to gain by killing the Iranian president? What would they gain?

Kevin Barrett: Well, they’re extremely desperate right now. Their genocide in Gaza is getting them nowhere. They’ve fallen into a trap of their own making through the crazed rage that was their response to the very successful raid by Hamas on October 7th. And so they’ve been busily slaughtering women and children ever since, but they’re still losing the military fight. And the world has turned against them. Netanyahu in particular and his faction will only stay in power if they can keep this war getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

And Iran is their major adversary. They’ve been trying to drag the United States into an all-out war with Iran since 9/11, which was designed to take out seven countries in five years. And by far the most important was number seven, Iran. And they tried everything from stealing American nuclear weapons with the complicity of then Vice President Dick Cheney towards the end of the Bush-Cheney regime—They’ve tried everything in the book.

And now Netanyahu and his friends are going down. They need to turn this into World War III. They need to drag the U.S. into their war against Iran. And by murdering the Iranian president, they guarantee that Iran, once it determines that that’s what happened, is going to have to retaliate. And that, of course, could be spun as the provocation that leads to the war.

Richie Allen: Why are we not hearing from any sources inside the Iranian government that there is a belief that Israel was involved? Because it usually doesn’t take them too long to come out and throw accusations at Israel. So why have they taken so long? Why haven’t we heard from somebody in officialdom there, Kevin? Why not now?

Kevin Barrett: Well, they’re probably weighing their options. What they’ve said is that they’ve called it martyrdom. Now, you’re not a martyr if you just die in a crash. You’re a martyr if somebody kills you. So they have already essentially stated that the enemy or the enemies of Iran did this, by calling it a martyrdom.

As far as making it more explicit and calling out Israel directly, well, that’s all-out war. And they’re going to have to figure out how to make the war happen or do their retaliation in a way that works for them. If they announce it right now, then they’re obligated to strike Israel instantly. And then Israel, of course, knows that, and they’ll probably strike Iran first. And that may not be the best way for Iran to win the war.

Richie Allen: I heard a pro-Iranian commentator on BBC Radio this morning, and he made two very interesting points. So the weather and visibility was really bad. That’s number one. But number two, he lamented the fact that the economic sanctions on Iran have been so severe in recent years. And I don’t agree with them, of course. That’s just my opinion. But they can even impact on things like aeronautical safety—airplane travel safety and helicopter safety. And he seemed satisfied that it was the weather and maybe, just maybe, the helicopter itself wasn’t up to scratch. That’s a fair point. We can’t discount that, right?

Kevin Barrett: When people blame things like this (on the weather)—for instance, when Paul Wellstone’s plane went down in 2002…

Richie Allen: Remind us about Paul Wellstone.

Kevin Barrett: Paul Wellstone was a great Jewish-American hero. He was a senator from Minnesota, and he was a friend of my then senator from Wisconsin, Russ Feingold, another relatively decent Jewish political leader in the United States. Wellstone was the bravest political leader in the United States. He had dedicated himself publicly to stopping the Bush-Cheney regime’s war on Iraq, and he had privately been determined to investigate 9/11, to get to the truth. He knew the official story was false. And Cheney threatened him, told him to back down or there would be the most severe possible consequences for him personally as well as for the state of Minnesota. Less than a week later, Wellstone’s plane went down and the media claimed that there was bad weather. There wasn’t, it was a lie. The entire global mainstream media lied and claimed that there was bad weather when there was not. And we now know that that plane crash was caused by a van in the woods with a kind of a radiation weapon or something that fried the plane’s electronics and maybe the pilot as well.

Plane crashes are the favorite way of the criminals that run our world to take out political opponents. John Perkins, in his book Confessions of an Economic Hitman, describes how he personally was acquainted with some of the so-called “asteroids,” who are the experts in causing plane crashes that killed a number of leaders that Perkins had dealt with, including his close personal friends, including the president of Ecuador, among others.

It’s true that in this case (of the Raisi assassination), unlike in Minnesota when Wellstone’s plane went down, there really was some bad weather. There was fog. However that doesn’t mean that somebody didn’t take advantage of that to cause the plane crash. These (high-level) assassinations are opportunistic. John F. Kennedy was going to be ambushed in Florida first and they called that off. And if they hadn’t gotten him in Dallas they had it all set up, as a secret service whistleblower (Abraham Bolden) has talked about, that black secret service whistleblower they were going to whack him in Chicago. But they got him in Dallas.

So assassinations are opportunistic. Somebody saw that there was bad weather, and they took that opportunity. As far as bad aeronautics and plane parts, it’s true that Iran is a much more dangerous place to fly than most other countries because of the sanctions. However, what that means is that you have a less than one in a million chance of going down when you fly somewhere else, and you have maybe a one in 100,000 chance of going down when you’re in Iran.

So the odds that of these three planes coming back from this meeting at the border of Iran and Azerbaijan, and the one that just happened to go down happens to be Raisi’s plane, kills his foreign minister, Hussein Amirabdollahian, as well. The odds of that are very, very, very low. I think we can be reasonably certain that this was a Zionist murder.

Richie Allen: Do you stop yourself and check, like anybody would, whether it’s a radio presenter who goes back to listen to his or her broadcast to look for patterns where they might be repeating themselves or doing something which is a bit annoying or whatever. Maybe I should do it more, my listeners might say. But do you check, Kevin? I would venture that you positively hate the state of Israel. Could that colour your critique of geopolitical events in the region could it color your understanding of these events. Because you’ve openly said on many times on the program over the years you have absolutely no time for the state of Israel. Fo you have to watch that confirmation bias?

Kevin Barrett: Well yeah, I try to. And I certainly see all kinds of decent people coming out of Israel. Most of them have left. But just because people are Israelis doesn’t mean I necessarily dislike them. And even more so, that’s the case with Jewish people. So, yeah, I want to make sure that I’m not falsely judging people. I have a lot of Jewish friends and regular radio guests who are reasonable, decent individuals who also have found their way out of this Jewish tribalism that created Israel and that’s creating so many problems in the world.

But I think that you have to face reality. And righteous anger is a kind of accurate perception of reality. If you had a neighbor and you watched every day as your neighbor goes out into his backyard with another kid that he’s kidnapped and he rapes and murders the kid and you watch and you can’t do anything about it because the police are on his side and you see it over and over and over, you’re going to hate the neighbor.

And you’re going to have certain expectations about his behavior and you’re going to plan about “what can we do to stop this, to get rid of this guy?” That’s how any halfway decent and reasonably aware person has to feel about the state of Israel.

Richie Allen: I’ve said this before on the program, but I know there are new people listening all the time. It’s my opinion. I mean, we all went to school. We all remember the big bully who was a bit stupid and there was always a little guy with him who was a bit more intelligent and could carry on and do some nasty things because he had the support of the bully.

Look, it’s my belief that the governments of the United States, the UK, and I’m talking about governments over the last 60, 70 years, and France, have committed far more atrocities than I could list. These countries, have caused more misery, more carnage, more death, more disease, more famine than Israel has ever done. Do you have the same antipathy you have for Israel? Do you have the same antipathy for the United States, France, and Great Britain? Be honest now.

Kevin Barrett: Well, not so much, because I don’t think that France, the United States or Great Britain, as a whole nation, has singlehandedly dedicated itself to genocide and to just ruthless, brutal, ugly, Machiavellian, sadistic behavior at every level the way Israel has. The US, for example, is a very big country of 300 million people. It’s appointed itself an empire. It’s all over the world doing all kinds of things that range from bad to atrocious, but also some somewhat decent things. The United States is a mixed bag.

Ultimately I guess I would agree with the supreme leadership of iran that the United States is the great satan. However, I think it’s not as pure and distilled a Satan as Israel is, because all Israel is is just a euphemism for the genocide of Palestine. That’s all it is. Israel is genocide. It always has been. And they have adopted the most obscene, disgusting, horrific tactics of lies and murder and torture and sadistic behavior at every possible level. They have embraced Satanism as their state policy and as their flag, as their raison d’etre. That’s what they are. Israel is pure distilled evil, pure distilled Satanism, in a way that these other countries are not.

Richie Allen: What do you make then of Kareem Khan, the special prosecutor at the ICC? He’s ordered the arrest warrants of Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas’s leader in Gaza. What’s your reaction to that?

Kevin Barrett: This equating of the victim and the executioner, the torturer and his victim, and indicting them both to try to pretend to be even-handed, is disgusting. It’s sickening.

The reality is that Hamas and its leadership are absolute heroes. There’s nobody more heroic on Earth than those people.

Richie Allen: I don’t agree.

Kevin Barrett: I know you don’t, but you’re wrong.

Richie Allen: No, no. They’re murderers, Kevin. They murder just as much as the IDF. Well, they don’t murder like the IDF, but they murder. And look, I know about friendly fire. I know about the bizarre circumstances of October 7th. But young people were murdered by Hamas and there are people being held by them now. That’s not heroic. That’s evil, Kevin. Do you think God likes that? I know you’re a devout Muslim and I have great respect for you and for your faith. I really do. You know me, I don’t patronise anybody. I certainly don’t patronise you. Do you think God likes that, Kevin? Do you think God likes the Jews are being held by Hamas, regardless of what went on before that? What do you think God would say? I don’t think he’d like it.

Kevin Barrett: God says in the Quran that people have the right—not only have the right, but they’re commanded to fight against those who invade their land and steal their homes. And under international law, which I think is very much in line with religious rules in this particular case, victims of occupation—and this is a lot worse than occupation, Richie, this is genocide—but even if it’s just occupation, the victims of occupation have the right to use military force, meaning kill people, to get rid of the occupation. They have every right to kill soldiers and settlers that are occupying their lands, which in this case is all of the so-called Israelis.

Every Jew in Israel—with the exceptions of the parasitical leeches who get exemptions because they’re supposedly religious students studying how to boil Jesus forever in excrement and how to blow up the Masjid al-Aqsa and usher in the reign of the Antichrist—every other Jew in Israel performs required military service. So every adult Jew in Israel is a soldier as well as a settler. And they are legitimate targets and they should be killed.

Richie Allen: Every Jew in Israel is, as an adult, is the result of the brainwashing they were exposed to and that was inflicted on them when they were children. I’ve said this on the programme before, not to you, Kevin, and it’s never popular. People don’t like it. These people are victims. You take any child. I saw that Finkelstein documentary years ago. It horrified me. It woke me up. to what they do to children, not just in Israel, but in other parts of the world, in some Islamic countries too, brainwashing children. They don’t have any hope really, do they? Growing up like that. But look, I’ve always said it, I would have been a supporter of the IRA in the six counties and elsewhere if they’d attacked British garrisons, if they’d attacked soldiers and even fought back against the RUC as it was then, the Royal Ulster Constabulary. The minute they started killing innocent people, unarmed people, I say, no, I’m not having any of that. And that’s how I feel about Hamas.

Kevin Barrett: They don’t do that, Richie. They didn’t do that. That’s a lie. You’re accepting the lies about October 7th.

Richie Allen: No, listen, I am capable of making my own mind up and not being influenced by the mainstream media. They did shoot at people in houses on that fence line and they did kill unarmed people. They did, Kevin. I’d have no problems if they were attacking the IDF.

Kevin Barrett: That’s what they did. They broke through the fence and they attacked the IDF.

The one place where there may have been significant numbers of war crimes committed on that day is at the music festival. And it appears that the reason for that is that the music festival was moved there two days before. And Hamas had no idea that it was going to be there. So when they when they got there, there were of course, there were armed guards there. There are a lot a lot of people carrying weapons in Israel. So there was a firefight, but then it appears that the Hamas gunman may have fired indiscriminately into a fleeing crowd. That would be a war crime, and the people that did that should be prosecuted for war crimes.

However, that’s a tiny fraction of what went on on October 7th. And it was not ordered by the leadership. The Hamas leadership gave no orders whatsoever to kill any civilians who weren’t fighting back, least of all children.

And this bullshit about the rapes and all the babies baked in ovens, the propagandists who put that out really all need to be put on trial for propaganda for genocide and convicted and executed.

Richie Allen: Absolutely. The lies told in the wake of it. Monstrous lies, I agree with you 100%.

You’re listening to Kevin Barrett, kevinbarrett.substack.com, old friend of the programmes. Love these back and forths with Kevin. Tell me this, let’s leave it here. Are we going to be observing this kind of thing for the rest of our lives, Kevin? I mean, not just in Gaza, but you know what’s happening in Yemen. There are similar things going on in Africa, in the Far East. This is supposed to be the age of enlightenment, Kevin. You know, why can’t people be like you and me? Why can’t people be like your lovely better half Rabia? Why can’t people, you know, disavow guns and grenades and bombs? Are we doomed to be looking at this? I suppose we’re relatively fortunate because we don’t have to put up with it. I’m not running tonight. I’m not running from a gunman or running from an airplane. Is there some better future ahead, Kevin? Or is this it for us forever?

Kevin Barrett: I don’t have any special insight into the future. But I do know that we really need to change our ways, that war has been a human institution for so long. And it’s outmoded now that the weapons have reached the point that they have the technology of weaponry and of social control that becomes uglier with the development of weaponry and with war economies and war societies. It’s gotten so bad that we’re going to have a nightmare future if we can’t shift gears and get off this path of endless war.

But the Zionist way of seeing the world is one of endless war. They are Machiavellians, neoconservatives. They say what life is all about is purely this world. There’s no reward or punishment in the hereafter. There are no ethics, no goodness. Nothing like that. It’s all a big fight of us versus them. That’s how they see the world. And they think that the good life is joining with other people in your tribe to use all means, fair or foul, preferably foul in many cases, to have your tribe beat the other tribe and do so in the most sadistic way possible. That’s their philosophy. That’s who they are. And that needs to end.

Richie Allen: You could say the same about the neoconservatives, couldn’t you? If I hold on to a little bit of optimism, it’s around the fact that I’ve seen some protests here in Salford and in Manchester against the genocide in Gaza, which of course is genocide, crimes against humanity, unspeakable evil, in my opinion. And yet you see so many lovely Jewish men and women there, with their children standing alongside British Pakistanis and British Sikhs and British Indian people. And that gives me a little bit of hope, Kevin. People don’t want this stuff. It’s a tiny, tiny minority. It’s not just Zionists. It’s neocons and it’s other groups as well. The great majority of the 7 billion people on this planet want to earn enough to pay their way, their mortgage, their rent, to have a good life for their children and have a couple of holidays a year, Kevin. How can it be? 99.99% of us just want to be left alone. And yet the ideologies of a tiny, tiny few keep winning the day. Final word to you.

Kevin Barrett: I think it’s a test from God. Ultimately, that’s what we are. That’s what life really is about. It’s not so much about what we can do in this world, but it’s how we react to the challenges of this world as we go to the next world. And people who risk their lives and ultimately even those who give up their lives standing up for what’s right, whether it’s peacefully or otherwise, I believe have passed that test. So God bless the President Ibrahim Raisi and Hossein Amirabdollahian and the others who were on that helicopter. They’re martyrs in paradise now, as will be everybody else who stands up to the Zionist shayateen.

Richie Allen: These are dangerous times, aren’t they, my friend? The next few weeks and months are going to be interesting as a cliche, but they’re worrying times. Thanks for coming on. kevinbarrett.substack.com.


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