Quo Vadis, Obama?

By Radio Havana Cuba:

After the disaster in the parliamentary elections last November, U.S. President Barack Obama didn’t only slow down the pace of the few initiatives to improve the image of his country, but he backtracked on several core aspects of his campaign promises.

Surprisingly awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, the ruling has made efforts to prove that he does not think to deserve it, as filmmaker Michael Moore recommended him.

This is demonstrated by the reinforcement of troops, media and finance he granted to the war against Afghanistan and his expressed intentions to intervene militarily in Libya, to follow the example of the Bushes, both father and son.

Does the U.S. president think to relive that obscene sentence of former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, who said on the eve of the NATO bombing in Kosovo “…Why do we have the best army if we cannot use it?”

Preparations for war against Liby are not the only lost steps taken by the head of the White House in recent times. His pending commitment to close in his first year in office the infamous prison camp in Guantánamo, on illegally occupied Cuban territory, and investigate human rights violations committed there.

That center of torture still remains open and Obama has only said he will keep it longer, but he went further to authorize the restoration of military tribunals to try civilians held there, many of whom were kidnapped in different parts of the world and taken there illegally.

He also resigned to investigate torture and other mistreatments at Guantánamo perpetrated by US soldiers and CIA’s officers, crimes that should be under the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction, the same one to which they plan to send Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

There are other signs of retreat of Washington’s conservative policies.

Many people recently heard to talk of “Operation Fast and Furious”, which consisted of members of the U.S. Customs and anti-drug department smuggled several thousand high-powered weapons into Mexico, supposedly to track them and find those mafia groups who buy them there.

Nevertheless, they didn’t only track them at all, but one of them seems to have been used to kill a U.S. agent who was working in Mexico, a fact that triggered the scandal.

With good reason, Mexicans are outraged by this violation of their sovereignty and refuse to believe that the highest authorities of the neighboring country ignored such a complex operation.

As it was warned by Mexican Senator Maria de los Angeles Moreno, senior Pentagon officials have described Mexico as a failed country and a threat to U.S. security, and everyone knows what that might mean.

A final consideration to this phenomenon is that President Obama called yesterday for an increase of several million dollars to finance subversive actions against the Cuban people, thus demonstrating the willingness to support and follow the path that led to nowhere for his predecessors.

All this begs to the question, “Quo Vadis, Obama?” Where does the president intend to go? Does he think that to win the elections over the Republicans — if he is able to reach his nomination again — he must first demonstrate that he can be worse than they are?

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