Putin Stripping US of Its Superpower Status

The Colder War Has Begun… and Putin is Winning!

How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America’s Grasp?


Vladimir Putin is stripping America of its superpower status. And he’s not using bombs or tanks to do it!

Instead, he’s orchestrating an ingenious yet devastating, decades-long plan to control the global energy trade—the largest source of demand for the dollar and bedrock of American might and prosperity.

Should Putin win, it could nuke the US economy and cost the average American dearly. The stakes have never been higher, and we’ve never been more vulnerable.

This epic struggle that will define the decade and century to come is detailed in the eye-opening new book, The Colder War.

The Colder War provides a reversing contrast from the hysterical “Putin is Stalin, Jr., restart the Cold War” message emanating from the neocon think tanks and the mainstream media. Marin Katusa shows the real threat to the American people…


Dr. Ron Paul Former US Congressman, founder of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

Marin Katusa—one of the most successful investors and fund managers in the energy and resource exploration sector—has spent the past decade on the frontlines of The Colder War.

Marin’s seen Vladimir Putin’s mounting influence over the energy sector firsthand. He’s been in the room with oligarchs, energy ministers, and CEOs when deals were struck.

He’s strapped on a flak jacket and explored energy projects in Russia, Iraq, Ukraine, Kuwait, Mongolia, Kosovo, and Albania. And he’s had a front seat while the former Soviet state embraced a new breed of ruthless capitalism to become:

The second-largest oil exporter, set to soon pass even Saudi Arabia;

The largest uranium exporter in the world, powering 1 in 10 American homes;

The country with the largest natural gas reserves in the world, doled out with an iron fist, willing to shut off those valves and watch harsh winters kill thousands to get its way.

While America and the West dismissed this rising threat, Marin was in the field, uncovering the truth.

As you’ll discover in his new book, we can no longer afford to ignore it.

Putin is on the march.

His advance has been swift and virtually unabated…

Putin’s consolidated and nationalized the Russian energy industry. Natural gas, oil, and uranium are all controlled by the state and overseen by an ultra loyal group of Putin’s childhood chums. These enterprises have never been more profitable or powerful.

As a result, Europe is now reliant on Russian natural gas and oil—a third of its fuel needs come through Putin’s pipelines. He can bend the EU to his will simply by twisting the valve shut. No need for military intervention. Crimea and the eastern Ukraine are his.

Putin’s next target? The US.

He cut a landmark deal to build pipelines and sell natural gas to China for the next 30 years. This fills Russia’s coffers, but more important, not a dime will transacted in US dollars. This is a direct threat to the current petrodollar system, in which the majority of the energy trade is priced in US dollars and sold in dollars.

Along with China, Putin delivered another crushing blow to the US dollar with the New Development Bank, which will make large strategic investments in developing nations in Africa, Latin America, and Asia through a non-dollar international payment clearing system.

Each month that passes, Putin forges new alliances and deals like these. He’s using Russia’s vast energy and resource wealth as the ultimate economic weapon.

Marin Katusa’s book tells the story of raging battles in the least covered and misunderstood war of our time. A war that is already starting to redraw the world’s map.




About the author 

Mr. Marin Katusa is one of the most well-connected dealmakers and successful portfolio managers in the energy and resource exploration sector. If there’s a deal being done, chances are Marin is in the room, knows everyone and exactly how to play it. You can read his monthly advisory services at www.caseyresearch.com/colderwarletter




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3 Replies to “Putin Stripping US of Its Superpower Status”

  1. Russia doesn’t just turn off the taps even during the cold war Russia was a reliable supplier of gas to Western Europe. The problem that the US has is that they do use their economic power to subvert other nations look at the illegal sanctions they use because they control the reserve currency. America blew it and not every nation will or does act like America even if they have to power to do so. America has abused it’s power especially since the capitalist counter revolution took place in the USSR. The Ukraine a fascist coup on Russian border’s and launching an umbrella revolution in Hong Kong effectively driving these two empires into each others arms. Seriously get the kids out of the White House they are to young to be playing with matches.

  2. Although the approach of this article appears to be an anti-russian attempt to provoke further opposition to Russia’s recent activity all in the cause of escalating U.S. aggression to the proposed economic threat. This is not unexpected, for in a world dominated by capitalist competition little else can be expected. What seems clearly to be emerging is the usual cause for for international wars in the capitalist era — cutthroat competition for markets and raw materials. This point of view is little discussed amid the developing hostilities with the focus of analysis and discussion remaining on this or that villainous detail in the struggle and hardly anything about the real villain the capitalist mode of production and distribution. However it is useful for people to differentiate in any developing conflict he more aggressive actors — in this case the article in my opinion falsifies who the main aggressor is — it is not Russia but is the U.S.

  3. Workers’ whether employed at the moment or not have to reclaim their role in Western Society as collective agents of social and historical change. And they need to carry out the measures needed to see that these changes are brought into being. While liberal academics like to believe that popular mass movements and NOT CLASS struggle are what brought about improved social conditions like civil rights or environmental changes NONE Of these movements would have gotten an inch without organized labour unions taking up the cause. There is a huge red thread that runs throughout all social progress in the Western Capitalist Societies. Even the Arab Spring in the Egyptian Square did not make any concrete progress until unions went out strike in support of them. In the West this was described as a twitter revolution well to the extent that is was is the extent that it failed.

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