Putin in Latin America: The Era of Multipolarity, Not Anymore Unipolarity, Begins

During his Latin American tour President Putin never said the voyage was a response to US-led NATO provocative activities near the Russian borders. He never made any statements of confrontational nature, no matter the US used the aggravated crisis in Ukraine to flex its muscle along the Russian borders. Russia and its politicians are coming under flows of threats and affronts from the United States.

The trip encompassed Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina and Brazil. Nothing like this has ever happened in the days of the Soviet Union. Touring a number of states one after another will become routine. There are invitations, the agendas are being filled and made precise. There is each and every ground to talk about renaissance of Latin-US relationship…

The isolation of Russia is a bubble, the Foggy Bottom’s fantasy, just another attempt to make a pipe dream true reflecting the failure of Obama to adequately perceive the events unfolding in the world. The very supposition that the United States will get a new chance to build a unipolar world evokes rejection even on the part of Washington’s allies. Only Anglo-Saxons appear to accept it.

The Putin’s friendly and constructive style of communicating with his Latin American partners, his striving for reaching mutually advantageous agreements in economy, finances, politics, and culture was highly appreciated by Latin American leaders and found a positive response among common people. The bloggers activities confirm the effectiveness of the President’s visit.

Here are some examples:

«Putin is an outstanding politician visiting Latin America. The new Russian strategy is a new reason for Obama to get upset. The Latin Americans make comparisons in Russia’s favor. The US embassy does what it wants here, in Paraguay; media keeps the news about the visit on the sidelines. Those who can think realize well what happening».

«You’re right, amigo from Paraguay; many Latin American countries are US satellite states including my favorite Kiskeya (the Dominican Republic)».

«The Russia-Cuban ties are getting stronger facilitating the peace, progress, fight against poverty and social equality in Latin America. This is the example of Putin’s positive strategy aimed at peaceful coexistence. The US Empire, its oil companies and arms producers devastate the whole lands like in Syria and Ukraine. Rivers of blood are flowing to enable the United States to capture oil and mineral resources. That’s why Latin America welcomes the Russian President and the friendly Russian people».

«It’s great Russia stretched a hand to rescue Latin America and save it from the American yoke. The fall of the Empire, which is still called the leading world economy, is nearing its end. Hugo Chavez said it would happen in the middle on the century. The US plunders Latin American states with the so called financial aid while getting hold of their mineral resources. America does it in Peru, Paraguay, Surinam and Central America. Among the states located in the Central American isthmus only Nicaragua has preserved sovereignty thanks to the aid of China and Russia»

«Whatever I have read about President Putin has made me convinced he’s a great leader. There are few politicians who are so open-hearted and modest».

Western media outlets perceive the visit as a geopolitical challenge «Russia counterattacks!» Spanish El Pais is an anti-Russian outlet and is used by US special services for spreading around hostile information against the «populist regimes» in the Western Hemisphere. This time it gives special place to the military cooperation between Russia and the countries of Latin America.

The commentaries of this kind are used for anti-Russia purposes painting the military interaction as «armed aggression». That’s how the flights of strategic bombers (for refueling) and warships port calls are painted. The very idea the calls are used for rest of the crews and technical maintenance evoke panic in the Pentagon and US military located at dozens of US bases in Columbia, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay and other countries.

The US media appears to highlight the Putin’s visit upon the instructions given by Obama. The US propaganda is giving out bloodcurdling spooks about the Russia’s aggression in Ukraine as the Russian President finds the time propitious to make a visit to Latin America. The US media uses the traditional pattern – ignoring or denigration. «Russians give promises they never keep». The was a large package of documents signed in Havana, including oil extraction. The multi-billion debt of Cuba is written off doing away with the dissonance in the bilateral relationship.

In Managua President Putin held intensive talks with President Daniel Ortega who called the visit historic. He said the Russian President stepped on the Nicaraguan soil for the first time in history and the people on the country were happy to welcome him. Ortega confirmed his adamant intent to develop cooperation with Moscow. He said Managua is ready to join Russia’s global peace initiatives. The settlement of conflicts is not reached by bombing but by reasonable approaches and the will of people. Nicaragua is a Russia’s tried and true ally in Latin America. Ortega was one of the first to support Russia on Crimea that joined the Russian Federation as a result of March referendum.

Russia renders to Nicaragua significant economic and financial aid, it supplies it with wheat, passenger buses and Lada Kalina cars to be used by taxi drivers. Russia has interest in taking part in the construction of inter ocean channel. To serve as an alternative to the Panama Canal. Russia does not exclude its participation in providing its defense from sea or air attacks. The project of military cooperation with Sandinista armed forces has great prospects.

Buenos-Aires is another stop on the way. The Russia-Argentinian talks were held in extremely friendly atmosphere. The reasons are evident. President Putin and President Kristina Kushner hold close views on major international issues.

They believe the United Nations Charter is to be abided by as the founding document to maintain peace on the planet. The reached agreements include: the prolonged inter government agreement on nuclear energy. It envisions the construction of nuclear power stations, joint research and generation of isotopes for industry and medical needs. – Russian President Vladimir Putin signed agreements on nuclear energy generation with Argentina on Saturday as part of a Latin American tour aimed at building Russia’s influence in the region.

Argentina has been building nuclear-powered electricity plants to revive its nuclear program and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels amid an energy crunch. Putin and President Cristina Fernandez said the Russian atomic energy corporation, Rosatom, would be involved with the construction of units in Argentina’s Atucha III nuclear power plant.

«These are very important agreements,» said Fernandez, who had been out of the public eye for a week due to a throat infection. «Argentina is a leader in Latin America in terms of nuclear energy generation,»

Fernandez said at a joint news conference at the presidential palace. «They reaffirm our bonds of friendship and strategic links». Argentina has one of the world’s largest deposits of shale oil and gas, but only a few companies have made commitments to develop the fields.

The members of the Russian delegation visited Argentina’s Vaca Muerta (Dead Cow) deposit in Neuquen province. «We’re talking about Russia — one of the world’s top producers of gas and oil in the world. But we Argentines also have our own and it seems like others have noticed,» Fernandez said.

According to preliminary estimations Vaca Muerta can generate enough energy to satisfy the needs of Argentina and the countries of Southern Cone. The heads of states exchanged traditional presents. President Putin gave Kristina Kushner an exquisite silver casket as a gift. Kristina gave him as a present a bandoneon – an instrument for playing tango.

The Brazilian leg of the trip was no less fruitful. President Dilma Rousseff made a great contribution into the success of the talks including doing away with some formalities. Putin thanked her for well-wishing attitude. Rousseff stressed there are great prospects for cooperation in oil developing, railroad construction and military spheres. Brazil is aware of the Russia’s leading positions in the arms production.

Some Latin American experts say the Rouseff’s especially warm greeting of the Russian guest emphasized the discontent with the recent revelations related to US spying activities on the Brazilian soil. Rousseff demonstrated that positive attitude and trust are possible in the relationship between the states. The US can take a page out of the Russia-Brazil book.

Nil NIKANDROV | Strategic Culture Foundation


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