Predicting the end of the world

Thousands of Americans, Europeans and others from various parts of the world strongly believe that the end of the world is near and everything will be ruined in 2012. They are spending millions of dollars buying some special wears, food and other items in a bid to survive the said doomsday.

Predictions came many years back from different people and sources about the end of the world. For example, Gregg Braden’s (New York Time’s bestselling author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality) essay “Choice Point 2012”, which provides a general survey of the core claims of 2012 apocalypticism – a religious belief that there will be an apocalypse that will destroy the current world.

Braden described many scary scenes of the said doomsday in his articles. He wrote, “Scientists agree that Earth’s magnetic fields are weakening quickly, and some suspect that we are in the early stage of a polar reversal. Correlations between the magnetic fields of the Earth and human experience suggest that it is easier for us to accept change and adapt to new ideas in weaker fields of magnetism.”

Varying predictions of how the end of the world will come

The scare sparked by predictions of the end of the world from the human is leading some people to spend huge sums of money building concrete bunkers which according to them are safest places when the catastrophe will began in 2012. They are providing almost all the facilities that are necessary to live and survive. It takes about 5,000 to 10,000 euros to buy some of the things they think are necessary to survive the destruction in 2012. Food stuffs for at least a year – seeds of vegetables, grains, rice, and seed potatoes, essential equipment to start a mini-civilization and books are the items and bunkers, are needed according to the authors of the doomsday.

Reports on some websites on the doomsday say, “as we will be in high mountains, we will be tormented by super storms as well as by intense solar radiation. The only way to survive is to live in concrete bunkers or in pits with good shored-up walls. Only small quantities of iron can be used in the construction because it attracts thunderbolts. We will probably have to plead forcefully with the authorities in order to get the necessary permits.”

Also, according to the belief, in order to withstand the tidal wave they will have to be at least three kilometers above the current sea level. From that point, civilization can be restarted.

The ‘personal apocalypse’ theory caveat could be interpreted as a rebuttal in that Jesus never mentioned the exact day on which the world will come to end. On one occasion, the disciples of Jesus ask him when the end of the world will be. Jesus said “…no one knows” the exact day or time, but only the farther – God. Muslims also believe the same that the timing of the “Day of Judgment” is not known to people – only God knows when it will occur.

* Iram Zahra is an international reporter at M4 Media

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