People’s Daily: Winning young people crucial to CPC’s future

The People’s Daily, flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China (CPC), ran a commentary on Monday, stressing the importance of attracting the young generations to the Party.

It is of strategic importance for the Party to pay great attention to young people as China and world are changing rapidly, said the commentary.

The commentary quoted President Hu Jintao’s remarks at the gathering to mark the 90th founding anniversary of the CPC on July 1, “Young people represent the future of both China and its people. They also represent the future and hope of the Party.”

The Party should realize that to win over the country’s youth, the Party needs advanced theories, glorious achievements and good self-discipline, said the commentary.

The article also called upon Party organizations at all levels to make young people’s voices heard, care for them and support them in starting their own businesses.

According to the commentary, of the 80 million Party members, young people under the age 35 account for nearly one fourth, “which shows the strong appeal of the Party to young people.”


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