Packaging Materials & Metal Buckles Found Inside Yurun Food’s Ham

May 26 — A five-star hotel in Anhui province said on May 19 that it found plastic packaging materials and metal buckles in the ham it purchased from the Maanshan branch of Yurun Food (1068.HK), reports 

It was indicated on the packaging materials that the date of production was April 8, 2011.

According to the hotel, two regional managers from Yurun Food (1068.HK) came to the hotel to inspect the ham, took pictures of it and apologized for the incident. 

The two managers offered to pay cash compensation of 2,000 yuan, or products of equivalent value to the hotel.

The Hefei-based manager of Yurun Food, Yan Hui, attributed the incident to a rare malfunction in its mechanized packaging process.

According to head chef, Li Chenglin, the packaging materials and metal buckles were found deep inside the ham and suspects that Yurun Food may be using expired ham.

Three days after the incident occurred, the head of Yurun Food’s Maanshan office went to the hotel and gave cash compensation of 5,000 yuan and products worth 5,000 yuan.

Yurun Food denied yesterday that it used expired ham.

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