One Eyewitness — and Now What? (from Alhayat, Palestine)

By Mahmoud Abu Alhija:

Will “terrorism” remain in the U.S. vocabulary after the death of Osama bin Laden, or will this “Sheikh” become the most holy of icons in the radical Islamic movement as terrorism becomes more violent and bloody? This question conveys both desire and anxiety. There is the desire to end America’s narrative of terrorism, the U.S. military’s violent manhunt wherein gossip undermines freedom and the U.S. pursuits aimed at expanding, controlling and seizing. There is also the anxiety that this murder will be succeeded by something worse and more far-reaching, especially if those who keep this icon in their hearts desire revenge.

We all know that the legacy that bin Laden left us is not satisfactory, feasible or possible to carry out in any way. Since 9/11, we are the ones who are most prone to acts of degradation, death and destruction, which some of us have applauded while others have attempted to deny accusations of terrorism within the American vernacular and terminology! We all know, however, that I am not happy about the death of bin Laden, but I am also not upset. I do not regard him as a deceased sheikh and will not regard him as an icon, but my aforementioned concern lies in my fear that the murder of bin Laden will pave the way for a new chapter in the story of abhorrent terrorism. I refer to the U.S. treatment of this subject. Hollywood would make an action-adventure film revolving around conspiracies designed to keep to flame of hatred burning and extend wider manhunt operations and farther-reaching interventions. Bin Laden had extended al-Qaida’s ideas and that problem no longer exists. Terrorism no longer remains under his mantle now that the narrative has ended, the file is closed and the world is rid of a terrible monster!

I maintain that the United States does not appear to be backtracking from any of their policies in the Middle East but instead remains determined to resolve the problems there, many of which they caused like a completely vagrant cowboy!

The root of the dilemma lies in America’s basic policies, which are still not fair in their dealings with Middle East issues—particularly the Palestinian issue and causes of freedom which reveal terrible hypocrisy.

I do not think that the death of bin Laden will constitute a significant difference in this context; however, perhaps America’s euphoria, which led Obama to personally announce the news of the death of bin Laden, will impose additional terms of domination and regional acquisitions. The killer of the “monster” will demand medals and decorations — any that it can find!

Translated By Joseph McBirnie

3 May 2011

Edited by Sam Carter
Palestine – Alhayat – Original Article (Arabic)

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