Official Gets 14 Years in Jail for Embezzlement

A formal official in north Hebei Province who gained national notoriety for forging documents to gain promotions and take over the estate of a dead man, was sentenced to 14 years in prison by a court on Thursday.

Wang Yali, former deputy chief of the provincial capital Shijiazhuang City’s Communist Youth League committee, was convicted of embezzlement and bribery at the Taocheng District People’s Court in the city of Hengshui.

The woman forged documents to seize her late godfather’s 17-million-U.S.dollar company, according to a statement from the court.

She also offered bribes to government officials, said the statement.

Wang, 42, rose to infamy last year for faking her personal information, including her name, age, education and work experience.

Internet posts ridiculed Wang’s resume, which showed that she was a pharmacist in an army hospital at the age of 12.

Thursday’s ruling also deprived her political rights for four years.

Four other people who helped Wang take over the company and offer bribes were also convicted Thursday. Three of them were sentenced to prison, said the statement.


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