A Summary of the Situation in Embattled ‘New Russia,’ Ukraine’s Southeast

Video: A Summary of the Situation in the Embattled Novorossiya

Translation from Russian by Alan and Alya Bailey, Subtitles by Marcel Sardo / Edited by Olga L. and Gleb Bazov

Alexey Mozgovoy: The peaceful population is being eliminated using missiles. These actions make the civilian population leave their homes. So, generally speaking, Kiev does not need the population; it is irrelevant in the area where they plan to conduct fracking.

There’s already a drilling rig in Slavyansk and it’s starting its work. The equipment for building the rigs has already been delivered to a little settlement near Slavyansk. So what use is there for the population? It’s not needed there. The complete elimination of the population is being covered up by the so-called ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation — the ‘terrorists’ are the local residents there].

All types of weapons that the other side has in its arsenal are being used without any remorse. The weapons have to be checked – and they are being checked. Some missile launchers SAU, American ones, have been brought from Poland and they are being used in full. There are lots of mercenaries from different armies who have worked in other countries – in Syria, Libya, Lebanon. They are there, on the other side now and they are having fun.

What’s more: some ‘hot spot tourists’ have been allowed to shoot from a tank or use other type of artillery. So people come, pay money and they can shoot – it’s like a safari. What they shoot at – only God knows [it’s whatever they want]. So somebody makes money on these tourists shooting, destroying towns, killing peaceful people. [People pay for the ‘right’ to do that.]

The presence of covert agents among the rebels is a fact because we often have to deal with betrayal. Things often happen, which are not supposed to happen. This is obviously the result of certain work of agents. They brainwash our guys. Thankfully we have the right kind of people who stand up against it. From time to time we find those agents who work in favour of Kiev. And we punish them.

As for the [promised] September end of the ATO, I believe they are mistaken like they are mistaken about many things. For instance they claim to have «disposed of» our squadron several times, but in fact it has grown into a brigade now. That’s some «disposal»! So I am pretty sure they are mistaken about September. They will not celebrate their victory in September.

In the nearest months the things are going to be the same as they are now. But we are learning to fight too, we change our tactics. I think it is all going to last more than a month. Firstly we will not let them kill us so fast, secondly we will fulfill some other plans; we will start attacking and not just defending ourselves.

I can neither compel nor prohibit people from becoming volunteers and fighting with us. It has to be voluntary. But if a person wishes to join our ranks, he can do so at any time. If he does not want it – it’s his choice.

If a person wishes to help us in any other way – not necessarily with money, say to send us some food – it’s his choice. I can ask for help and I have to do it to support the Militia and also the peaceful population which shouldn’t suffer from being caught between the two armies. They should live like they lived before with minimal changes.




“The Residents of Slavyansk have disappeared; the town is being re-populated with migrants from Western Ukraine.”

Translation by Valentina Lisitsa. Edited by S. Naylor & @GBabeuf

August 7, 2014 — In Slavyansk, occupied by Ukrainian troops, the local residents have practically disappeared. The town is being inundated with migrants speaking in a foreign dialect, who take over the housing of those who left to escape the Ukrainian bombing campaign. This is reported by one of very few residents of Slavyansk who, trusting Ukrainian official propaganda, made the decision to return to his native city. The picture that he saw is terrifying. He realized that the information about residents of Slavyansk returning home is nothing but a vile lie.

“Please, heed our plea! The people have disappeared from Slavyansk!

“I am a native of Slavyansk, residing here already for twenty-seven years. Or better to say ‘I was residing’, having left the town three months ago, when it was becoming dangerous to stay. During this time I found refuge with relatives in Odessa. I made a decision to return when all the Ukrainian media started saying that everything in Slavyansk was back to normal, that over sixty percent of residents have come back.

“In the three months of my absence my apartment remained untouched by shells from the junta’s bombardment or by its marauding thugs. I had already started to unpack when I heard the sound of my neighbour’s doors opening across the hallway. I thought it must have been my neighbour, Sergey Ivanovich, but then I saw a young man unknown to me. To my question about his identity he replied that he was Sergey Ivanovich’s son.

“Small problem here—my neighbour’s son died in a car accident three years ago—and he happened to be my childhood friend. I decided to pay a visit to my other neighbours and ask who this guy really is, perhaps truly a son about whom I had no idea.

“Most of the apartments remained empty, but not all. And those which were occupied were occupied by people totally unknown to me. They introduced themselves as new tenants or relatives of my neighbours.

“I knew everybody in my building, but those people I saw for the first time in my life. When I wanted to visit my acquaintances elsewhere, those whom I knew had decided to stay in town under siege, I was able to find neither them nor anybody even vaguely familiar. I was trying to locate old friends, trying all the phone numbers I knew—but nobody answered.

“Where are my friends, will you tell me, Kiev junta? As I found out from communication with others, the same experience was shared by others who had returned home after Kiev’s army occupied the town. The streets are practically devoid of people; those who do walk there are clearly not locals.

“They speak Ukrainian, and if they try Russian one can spot a strong Western Ukrainian accent. Maybe we are going crazy, but it’s not only me alone who thinks the population of Slavyansk has been replaced by junta actors, for the sole purpose of hiding the fact either of extermination of the local inhabitants, or of their deportation.

“Please spread this message, everyone must know what is happening with our city after its so-called ‘liberation’!”, pleads this inhabitant of Slavyansk.



Closing editorial note, from Eric Zuesse: What Obama has done and is doing in Ukraine is historic, like what Adolf Hitler did, and like what Slobodan Milosevic did, and like other racist fascists have done; and he, and we Americans (if we as a nation continue accepting this), will be remembered for it, like they and their countries were. Evil on this scale cannot be forgotten. No matter how solidly the American “news” media hide this history, it is already solidly documented for the history books. Obama will be remembered as the worst President in U.S. history, just as the racist-fascist or ‘nazi’ leaders of other countries are.



By Eric Zuesse, via OLGA LUZANOVA and S. NAYLOR

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