Obama’s “Complete Failure in Syria”


Yesterday, Newt Gingrich, a Republican and a former speaker of House of Representatives, said on “Hannity” program on Fox News that Barack Obama’s current policy on Syria turned out to be a complete failure.

In his opinion, Obama’s inaction has led to plummeting the role of Washington in the Syrian crisis. Russia, Iraq, Iran and even Turkey are continuing to foster their influence in the region and make joint decisions ignoring the U.S. side.

It should be mentioned that Gingrich is not the first to draw attention to the defeat of the yet-incumbent president on the Syrian front. About a week ago, Obama was slammed by a couple of American media.

For instance, Leon Wieseltier, a Washington Post author, stresses that the U.S. president is “enamored of his eloquence” but, when circumstances require action, he suddenly faints preferring to pale into insignificance.

While Syria, Russia and Iran are setting up joint operations, thwarting the so-called “moderate” opposition, Washington tries to affect the situation indirectly. Wieseltier admits that now, the U.S. is capable of “inconsequential” actions only: to send in Syria special operators, supply jihadists with weapons or use CIA to aid terrorists.

Today, this is all that America can oppose to the successful strategy of Syria and its allies. Another proof of this is the successful Aleppo liberation campaign conducted by the Syrian army.

In its turn, Washington Examiner criticizes Obama for the policy which allowed terrorist organization such as the Islamic State to emerge. The article’s author also stresses the American president’s inaction and propensity to make empty promises.

To sum up, the two media come to a similar conclusion: the administration of the current U.S. president was unprepared for consequent steps for to defend the so-called “democratic” values in foreign policy, especially in what’s concerned the Syrian conflict.

Obviously, during Obama’s presidency, the U.S. lost the status of the leading power, and its attempts to interfere in the political processes of other states failed completely.


Mehmet Ersoy, Inside Syria Media Center
The 4th Media

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