Obama, Cameron, Harper: Primary Agitators behind Violent Overthrow of Democratically-elected Governments around the World

An Indirect Offensive Strategy against the Obama – Cameron – Harper Doctrine



The policy employed by U.S. President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the primary agitators behind the violent overthrow of democratically-elected governments around the world, can best be referred to as the OCH (Obama-Cameron-Harper) doctrine.

The first country to feel the effect of the OCH doctrine is Ukraine, where mob violence, stoked by provocateurs on the payroll of global hedge fund vulture George Soros and the Central Intelligence Agency, brought about the overthrow of the government of democratically-elected President Viktor Yanukovych.

The CIA- and Soros-financed and inspired violent overthrow of the Ukrainian government, which defended Ukrainian interests against the European Union and its European Central Bank masters, thus feeling the full wrath of the capitalist contrivances of the Western corporate media, the European Union, and NATO, has given impetus to the neo-conservatives for further adventurism against Belarus, Iran, Cuba, and even Russia and China.

The fall of Ukraine to neo-Nazis backed by western Ukrainian nationalists and Zionists who rally around the convicted fraudster and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko provided immediate impetus to Venezuelan rightists who began a campaign of violence to force democratically-elected President Nicolas Maduro from office…

Venezuela’s «Tymoshenko» is Leopoldo Lopez, «talent spotted» and recruited by the CIA while he attended Kenyon College in Ohio and the elitist Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts – the home of Gene Sharp’s themed revolution philosophy of coup d’etat-making.

Lopez, who maintains links with the International Republican Institute (IRI) a CIA front that is officially part of the U.S. Republican Party, was part of the CIA-funded cabal that temporarily toppled Hugo Chavez in a coup in April 2002.

Kenyon College is a favorite CIA recruitment campus, having counted the editor of the prestigious Kenyon Review, John Crowe Ransom, among its agents of influence for over two decades.

In 1959, Robie Macauley, one of Ransom’s students, succeeded his mentor as editor of the journal. Macauley was known to be on the CIA’s payroll when he succeeded Ransom as editor.

Buoyed by the events in Ukraine and Venezuela, Thailand’s CIA-supported Yellow Shirts of royalists and senior military officers prepared for the ouster from power, through sometimes violent street demonstrations, of democratically-elected Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra from power.

Yingluck’s base of support is from the Red Shirts, a largely farmer-based movement opposed to the wealthy elites that have governed Thailand with the support of the CIA since the end of World War II.

With the fall of Ukraine to reactionary forces of the right and the socialist government of Venezuela and the pro-farmer government of Thailand on the political ropes – all the result of a neo-conservative counter-offensive against anti-imperialist populist governments – the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) — should make plans to deliver a defensive body blow in retaliation to the OCH doctrine and its major supporters.

In fact, one of the leading neo-conservative pressure groups in Washington that has been at the forefront of supporting the violent provocateurs in Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand is the Zionist-financed «Foundation for the Defense of Democracies,» a spin-off from the defunct neo-imperialist «Project for the New American Century» (PNAC).

The upcoming referendum on Scotland’s independence provides a rare opportunity to bring to the streets of Britain what was recently visited upon the streets of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. There is little doubt that the London government will stop at nothing to ensure that a «No» vote on independence of Scotland carries the day in the September 18 vote and that the «Yes» forces rallying around the Scottish National Party government are vanquished.

While the West is fond of stoking secessionist movements and rebellions in the Caucasus region of Russia, western China, and Tibet, there are real opportunities by Moscow and Beijing to «return the favor» in places like Scotland.

There should be coordinated activities by labor, student, and cultural groups in Scotland to immediately reject as invalid and tainted any «No» vote on the independence referendum.

Before London can react with force, patriotic Scottish forces, backed by sympathetic Celtic nationalists from the Republic of Ireland, Ulster, and Wales, should erect barricades in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and other Scottish cities and towns. British military bases in Scotland should be blockaded and, if possible, occupied, along with studios of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Russian and Chinese media should highlight the efforts of the brave people of Scotland against brutal English occupiers when British security forces finally crack down. Communiques and statements from Scottish independence fighters should be carried live on Russian and Chinese television, radio, and news web sites.

When British forces arrive in Scotland, they should be met with burning barricades and mobs of protesters. As many armed Scottish police sympathizers should be sought as allies by Scottish independence fighters in order to confront English force with Scottish force.

Ultimately, Scottish freedom fighters should seize control of the Scottish parliament and unilaterally declare independence and invite recognition from populist governments around the world. Russia, China, and the other SCO countries should grant Scotland recognition and establish diplomatic relations with Edinburgh’s revolutionary nationalist authorities.

Political, security, and military officials on London’s payroll found to be responsible for crimes against the Scottish people should be arrested and put on trial under Scottish tribunals. Efforts should be made by Scotland to forcefully repel, with possible help from friendly foreign navies, any British or American Naval and/or Marine attempts to seize Scotland’s offshore oil platforms.

If this scenario sounds extreme, it is meant to be. However, it is the same strategy employed by Obama, Cameron, and Harper against the sovereign government of Ukraine under the color of Western support for «legitimate democratic opposition» forces fighting against an elected government. But two can play at this neo-conservative game and a Scotland in flames would bring home to the West that its policies of disruption and violence can be delivered to its own doorstep.

In Canada, the weak point is French-speaking Quebec, now governed by the secessionist Parti Quebecois. With financing from the SCO nations, Quebec nationalists should begin marching against the policies of Harper’s oil industry-financed Tory government in Ottawa.

Quebecois already have their martyrs, the people of the town of Lac-Megantic who were incinerated when, on July 6, 2013, an American-owned train carrying oil from North Dakota to Maine exploded and incinerated scores of Quebecois who were either asleep in their beds or out on the town an hour after midnight.

Harper toured the town, where 30 buildings had been totally destroyed, and called it a «war zone». But a «war zone» should be delivered to Harper on the steps of Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

It is Harper’s coziness with his oil industry backers in Alberta that resulted in Canada’s oil lobby to take full advantage of the Lac-Megantic disaster in calling for the immediate building of the Keystone XL pipeline because pipelines are allegedly «safer» than rail cars carrying crude oil.

It was Harper’s brand of unbridled capitalism and his policy of reducing government regulations across the board, including regulation of private nursing homes, that led to this past January’s deadly fire at a elder care facility in L’Isle-Verten, Quebec, a preventable tragedy that killed 32 of Quebec’s senior citizens.

In the event of offensive indirect action in Scotland against Cameron’s government in London, a simultaneous uprising by Quebecois against Ottawa should be backed by SCO. The rallying cry «We will never forget Lac-Megantic and L’Isle Verten» (Nous n’oublierons jamais Lac Mégantic et L’Isle Verten) should be emblazoned on banners and placards throughout Canada.

Federal authorities in Quebec should be met with blocked road and rail lines. The smell of fresh-baked French bread in Montreal and Quebec City should be replaced with the pungent fumes of burning tires. Royal Canadian Mounted Police stations should be stormed and occupied throughout Quebec. Demonstrators should demand the Quebec government declare independence from the Harper regime in Ottawa and seek international recognition and support.

From Scotland and Quebec, there is no end to the possibilities of delivering an equitable response by SCO to the OCH doctrine employed against Russia and China. In Mexico, the parties of the left, which have seen presidential election after election stolen by global corporate interests, could pull off a rebellion on the model of that utilized by the West in Ukraine.

The presidency of conservative Enrique Pena Nieto is totally illegitimate, made more so after revelations that he bought his election by distributing supermarket cash cards to voters. Chiapas, Oaxaca, and other poor Mexican states serve as potential points of a national rebellion against and overthrow of Pena Nieto, a puppet of Wall Street bankers and privatization «experts».

With the fall of Quebec and Pena Nieto, Washington and Obama would be dealt a body blow, one that might hasten secessionist movements springing up around the United States from California and Alaska to northern Colorado and eastern Maryland. This is all fertile ground for an indirect offensive strategy by SCO against the forces of imperialism and capitalist corruption.

The book of Galatians in the New Testament states the following: «for whatever one sows, that will he also reap». This Biblical phrase should be visited upon Messrs. Obama, Cameron, and Harper by delegitimizing their own so-called «democratic» elections and rendering their claim of authority impotent.


Wayne MADSEN | Strategic Culture Foundation



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