The NYT: WHY DPRK’s Latest Nuclear Claims Are Raising Alarm

North Korea’s new wave of propaganda suggests that it has succeeded in miniaturizing its nuclear warheads and made its missiles easier to launch and harder to intercept.

The claims — not fully corroborated — show the country is on a worrying path.

North Korea has signaled that it has made significant progress in its nuclear programs. Whether true or not, it is worrying to the United States and its allies in the region. locations scattered across the country.

By doing so, it can increase its chances of avoiding an enemy’s missile-defense systems. The missiles were launched from wheeled or tracked vehicles, the most common practice.

They were also launched from train cars rolled out of mountain tunnels, indicating that the North is planning to use its numerous railway tunnels as hiding places for its missiles.

North Korea says it is also building underwater nuclear weapons silos and launched a missile from under a lake in 2022. Korean Central News Agency, via Reuters

The flame pattern from a launch on March 19 led some analysts to suspect that it may have been the North’s first test from an underground silo. North Korea has also tested cruise missiles that it said were capable of delivering nuclear warheads.



By Pablo Robles and Choi Sang Hun

Published by The NYT

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