Netizen’s interesting comment on the new CCTV building

The CCTV building gives the people such impression that CCTV news, posture is bent, from is twist, content is empty, surface is luxury, position is tilted and idea is confused.

“天边曦月”: the building is absolute failure, so you do not think it better. The designers must make fun of the Chinese.

“阳光下的紫丁香2011”: It is true.

“百姓聚焦”: It always is a big underpants.

“锐舞者”: The opinion is unique, brilliantly and sharp.

“勤快的火夫”: CCTV’s new building is a landmark building, and accurately interpret its own inside and outside.

“蓝陵笑笑声”: On the one hand, CCTV manufacture such news, on the other hand, CCTV manufacture so-called stars.

Source: Sina Weibo

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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