Netanyahu urges Hamas to free Shalit, ignores fate of 6000 Palestinian captives

By Khalid Amayreh:


Commenting on the latest French “initiative” for the resumption of the moribund peace process, the Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu sought to outsmart himself.

A visionless politician who thinks that political spin, hasbara and sound-bites can suffice as a main tool of leadership, Netanyahu demanded that Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic liberation movement, show good-will by releasing an Israeli occupation soldier taken prisoner in battle near Gaza a few years ago.

“I have made it clear to the French FM that Hamas must adopt the Quartet principles. If the claim that a new wind is blowing from Hamas, that could be proven by freeing Gilad Shalit,” the PM added, saying that if [Abbas] is on such good relations with Hamas, he could pressure Hamas to free Gilad.”

Netanyahu almost innocently ignored the fact that Israel  is holding  as many as six thousand Palestinian political and  resistance prisoners, many of whom languishing in cruel conditions  in  Israeli dungeons and  concentration camps for decades.

Hence, his demand that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas pressure Hamas to release a combat soldier who is likely to be carrying on his hands a lot of children blood goes beyond the pale of the simple moral decency. Using the words of Professor Naom Chomsky, it is beyond chutzpah.
Moreover, Netanyahu whose Israel has rejected every single peace initiative ever since the Roger plan of 1969-70, is shamelessly demanding that Hamas accept the so-called Quartet Principles which call for unilateral recognition by the Palestinian Islamic movement of Israeli Nazism (because Israel expresses and embodies Jewish Nazism if only because this nefarious state is based on racism, ethnic cleansing and land theft).
Well, this demand, too, is so brazen and so pornographically unfair, so much so, that even the stupidest and most pliant Palestinian leader would reject outright.

Even leaders of Fatah, which many thought was at Israel’s beck and call,  are now saying that their organization didn’t, doesn’t and won’t ever recognize Israel as long as Israel refuses to end its occupation of  Palestine.

Hence, Netanyahu and other Zionist leaders ought to realize that a genuine Palestinian recognition of the Nazi-like entity will never materialize, especially if Israel continues to pursue its lebensraum policies at her neighbor’s expense.

In fact, it is futile to continue to evoke peace with Israel given that fascist state’s principled rejection of peace. After all, continuing to entertain peace with this aggressive, arrogant, and bellicose entity is proving to   be a huge exercise in self-deception and disappointment.
Today marks the 44th anniversary of the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. This means that Israel has had 44 years to make peace with her neighbors. However, instead of making genuine efforts for peace and responding positively to Palestinian and Arab overtures, including an offer to recognize Israel and terminate the state of belligerency, Israel continued to steal more Arab land, build colonies for the most fanatical elements of Jews who are offering non-Jews the choice between physical extermination, enslavement as water carriers and wood hewers or collective deportation.

Meanwhile, the same Israel that doesn’t stop  babbling  about its “burning desire”  for peace, continued unabated to make every conceivable  effort and  take every conceivable  step to kill  every conceivable prospect  for  peace by transferring  hundreds of thousands of Nazi-like and terrorist-minded  religious terrorist who are taught in their synagogues that the life of  a goy (derogatory for Gentile or non-Jew) has no sanctity or  value, and that a Jew could kill a Palestinian without the slightest compunction.

To confuse the world and justify its systematic land theft of Palestine, Israel has been claiming that the occupied territories of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem are actually disputed rather than occupied territories. Well, if so, how is that mendacious claim compatible with the unceasing and unmitigated devouring by Israel and carving into Israel of a disputed territory?
The truth of the matter is that there is a pornographic gulf of hypocrisy and dishonesty between what Israel claims and what it does on the ground.

Israel claims to want peace, but it wastes no chance to decapitate every chance for peace.

Israel claims to seek recognition by its victims, but every Israeli act and behavior precludes and inhibits recognition of an entity that practices murder and theft and mendacity as its modus operandi.

Israel would like the entire world to fully, unreservedly and unhesitatingly support her wild territorial schemes, and should anyone display any modicum of reservation or hesitation, e.g. by citing international law, the cannons of “anti-Semitism” would fire their hellish ammunitions.

In short, Zionist Israel is offering people in the West one of two choices: either you morph yourselves into political whores by supporting Israel, like America’s congressmen and senators, or we will portray you as anti-Semites.

From Palestine Information Center

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