NAZI/Hitler’s “Lebensraum” and NATO’s New World



UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss recently experienced her 15 minutes of glory with a blatant hissy-fit rant policy speech at a London´s Mansion House banquet. She posited that the collective West now needs a global NATO” to pursue geopolitics anew.

Publically, Ms Liz Truss tapped her well-known Rule Britannia Anglo-Saxon exceptionalistic mind-set which now would badly require a much larger “lebensraum”.

By the way, the Rule Britannia lyrics ´clearly clearly clearly´ let the world know that “…at heaven’s command…Britons never, never, never shall be slaves”.

No way, slaves will exist, but Britons should make sure it´s the other way around, see ?

So beware… With an AUKUS core, the strategic concept is “all for one, and one for all” just like ´The Three Musketeers´ except that the world´s livelihood is for real, not a novel.

Liz Truss is not a cartoon character either, she is today´s United Kingdom Foreign Secretary.

by Jorge Vilches for

Published by The Saker



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