NATO’s Mamluks Threaten War Against Russia, China, Iran & DPRK (aka, “North Korea”)

Although NATO’s Mamluks might well have had their day, their race is not yet fully run.

Quick! Get the word out. We will be at war with Russia, China, Iran & North Korea almost quicker than you could say: a cod, two haddock, four singles, no salt and lashings of vinegar.

In Putin’s latest escalation between our civilised world and his fat-phobic alliance, Russia is now blocking British ships from poaching cod, ray and haddock off their Siberian coast which, NATO’s media scream, is “more or less” in Britain’s backyard. The world, or at least Britain’s fish and chips world as we know it, is finished.

Although Rudyard Kipling, or any other apologist for Albion’s long imperial legacy, would have a field day with that Russian blockade against chips-chomping Britannia, NATO’s Mamluks have plenty of other material on the front burner to fire up the masses with if the rantings of NATO’s Irish, British, Swedish, Dutch and French doormats are any indication.

Rob Bauer, the Dutch head of NATO’s military committee, has praised Sweden’s nominal leaders for ordering Swedes to prepare for war with Russia even before Sweden has been formally inducted into NATO.

Finian Cunningham recently explored the sabre rattling of France’s Mamluks and, although German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius has also made similar Russophobic threats, because there are so many Mamluks at Germany’s helm, Pistorius is not worth wasting column inches on.

And nor is the bellicose homosexual coupleMacron recently appointed to his genocide-admiring Cabinet.

The same goes for Leo Varadkar, the Indian homosexual who fronts the Irish junta and who informs us that “Ireland’s fight for Ukrainian freedom” is a part of the Mamluks’ wider “fight for European values”.

And though Ireland’s Mamluks, like their partners in crime elsewhere, have no idea what those mercurial European values are, they are determined to muck in, spurred on, no doubt, by the hope of a big payday when European values, as epitomised by Raytheon, Monsanto and Bill Gates, finally impose their “freedom” on the remnants of Zelensky’s Reich.

Ireland, which is technically bankrupt and where over 2% of the population are now draft dodging Ukrainian grifters, has promised to rebuild Ukraine’s Rivne Oblast, which borders Belarus, and which has a population of 1.5m and an area of 20,000sq km.

Although that would make a massive payday for Irish multinational builders’ providers CRH, Varadkar, his lovers and their local Ukrainian fixers, I cannot see anybody else benefiting from that, or from the madcap rantings of any of NATO’s other Mamluks.

British Defence Minister, former National President of the Jewish youth organisation, serial business cheat and staunch Zionist, Grant Schapps, also joins those other non-entities in predicting a global conflict within the next five years between the West and Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, and he has demanded that we all chip in more to finance his lust for these wars on all conceivable fronts.

And though Schapps, given his serial business cheating and his use of a string of aliases to effect his cons, is a fishy character, he is, to give him due credit, sticking like a limpet to NATO’s grizzly script.

Steadfast Defender

Although Schapps, like Zelensky and all of NATO’s other Mamluks, are beneath contempt, NATO’s lust for global war makes these bit players relevant. As this excellent Trotskyist article explains, NATO and its flunkeys really intend to ramp it up against Russia, with massive and massively provocative military and nuclear drills planned for all along Russia’s European border this summer.

As explicitly explained by NATO’s Atlantic Council here and here, these military exercises, together with the bleatings of Schapps, Bauer and the rest of them, are fully in accord with NATO’s war plans.

The bottom line, the Atlantic Council’s sociopaths emphasise, is that “the international order faces an unprecedented challenge from an authoritarian alignment of China and Russia that is seeking to undermine U.S. and global security and prosperity” and that the first order of business to secure our ill gotten supplies of Russian fish and chips is to conquer all of Russia before moving on to decimate China.

Mad stuff but Nazi Germany’s invasions of France and the Soviet Union tell us not to scoff at these lunatics. France, prior to the 1940 German invasion, had the world’s most powerful military and the lightning manner in which the Wehrmacht vanquished it is a salutary lesson about the risks of sitting on one’s laurels.

As regards Barbarossa, Eisenhower and most Western military observers expected the Red Army to fully fold before Christmas 1941, and even leaving the spanner-in-the-works of the Yugoslav campaign to one side, there was never any indication of where Barbarossa’s Nazi hordes would draw the line between Moscow and Vladivostok which are over 9000 km, or roughly the distance between Berlin and San Francisco, away from each other.

As there were over 40 million fatalities on the Eastern Front, we should not scoff at the mad cap plans of either Hitler or these NATO puppets, who currently carry his mantle.

Rethreaded Mamluks

History repeating itself as farce can be clearly seen in the case of these rethreaded Mamluks NATO has placed in positions of leadership in satrapies as diverse as Britain, France, Ireland, the Baltics and even the United States itself, where the incompetent and incontinent Joe Biden is their main man.

The Mamluks, recall, were slaves the Ottomans abducted and castrated as youngsters, before grooming them Epstein-style to run Egypt on their behalf. But, whereas the Mamluks were excellent warriors and administrators, their NATO emulators leave a lot to be desired in everything from their personal morality to their dearth of managerial skills.

Though today’s French, British, Irish, American, Swedish and other Mamluks were as groomed from childhood as were those fabled Egyptian satraps, they lack not only the cajones the Mamluks had but their administrative and other abilities as well. If a truer comparison is needed, then the vacuous teenage K pop and J pop stars of Korea and Japan would be nearer their intellectual mark.

This is not to argue that NATO’s Mamluks are political eunuchs but that the skill sets of such D-listers as Greta Thunberg, Clown Prince Zelensky, Joe Biden and Grant Schapps lie in different domains, such as those we normally associate with pet parrots, ass-licking flunkeys and organ grinding monkeys.

If, however, all these emasculated hirelings chirping from the same sheet as NATO’s media and military moguls help to frighten the masses to vote the right way in all the American and related elections due to be held in 2024, then these rethreaded Mamluks are doing their job. Simple as.

Education Maketh The Modern Mamluk

Former British Prime Minister, upper class charlatan and serial philanderer Boris Johnson typifies these modern day Mamluks. If one still regards a solid grasp of the Classics, rather than, say, a mastery of engineering or computer science as being the measure of an educated “gentleman”, then Johnson clearly fits the bill.

Johnson’s penchant for the Classics, in fact, typifies Britain’s elite, who have shied away from the STEM subjects since at least the time of the 1854 Crimean war. British universities, lest we forget, did not teach such vulgar subjects as engineering up to relatively recently, when James Stuart was appointed to Cambridge’s first chair in engineering.

The basic division of labour between Albion’s Mamluks was that one son would enter MI6’s Anglican cult, another the Armed Forces and yet another into politics or some similarly slovenly pursuit, with the lower classes taking up their very considerable slack in everything from engineering, general soldiering and chimney sweeping.

Although that basic division of labour still pertains to this day, global transformations have it under strain. Firstly, Myanmar and its allies do not need imperialist ignoramuses like Boris Johnson, Mr Fake News himself, befouling their pagodas by quoting Kipling in them.

Secondly, countries like Iran far outpace them in terms of STEM graduates and they have the missile and drone arsenals to prove it.

Thirdly, NATO now has a huge army of computer literate dissident heretics, the most well-known of whom is POW Julian Assange, who maintain their moral integrity, despite the dark arts the Swedish, British, Spanish, American and allied Gestapos have visited upon them.

Together, those and other forces make the modern Mamluk very much an endangered species.

The Dark Arts

The real problem with Assange-like dissidents is they let the cat out of the bag, that NATO’s Mamluks, despite the education some of their Billy Bunters have in the Classics, are, at heart, a vindictive death cult no different, except in their greater reach, from the mafia or any other criminal fraternity.

Although NATO’s Mamluks might well have had their day, their race is not yet fully run.

Especially in their British manifestation, they are, as Brian Berletic clinically spells out here, the masters of the dark arts and they will retain plenty of firepower there as long as they retain the mystique of aloof respectability their Crown and all the fading tinsel associated with it bestow on them.

Take, for example, this recent BBC report of an Israeli terrorist outrage in Damascus, where the BBC commands us to suspend naming the obvious suspects as “the BBC has not verified” videos circulating online about the crime.

Now, compare that to this more solid Lebanese Al Mayadeen report, which relied on their local contacts and allied groups to quickly give us the honest and unvarnished truth about the crime the BBC pompously obfuscates by claiming to be fit to verify the mass of evidence pointing to the Israeli culprits the BBC routinely aligns itself with.

Whereas the Lebanese and their Syrian colleagues try to give us the truth, the BBC’s emasculated Mamluks stick religiously to the line that NATO and their sidekicks are angels of light instead of darkness and that NATO atrocities, whether in Damascus or in Gaza, must be verified by their hand picked cronies to have credence.

Like so much else the BBC do, that deserves the longest of custodial sentences.

This theft of the narrative is now most starkly seen in Gaza where the New York Times cheers on the culpability of female Israeli soldiers in the barbarities Israel is inflicting on Gaza’s most vulnerable. Starving pregnant women, denying babies basic necessities such as food, diapers and water, and laying waste to every hospital in Gaza are not manifestations of feminism or girl power.

They are war crimes, for which Israel’s current German ally saw hundreds of their men and women executed, just as Israel was being formed on the back of its own mountains of war crimes.

And though Captain Amit Busi, who is only 23, might be the pride and joy of the Israeli Army, if she or any of the 83 soldiers she commands are guilty of any of the “unverified” war crimes we have seen perpetrated in Gaza, then she should, of course, swing.

Yemen’s Houthi Party Poopers

Houthi shenanigans in the Red Sea are causing waves that threaten to capsize the Mamluks’ narrative. The Mamluks’ original Egyptian stomping ground is taking a battering from lost Suez Canal tolls, which account for 10% of Egypt’s $100 bn annual GDP.

Container freight rates are up an average of 100% and, as individual navies have now reverted to protecting their own ships and to hell with the rest, the Houthi, it seems, understand the basic concept of divide and conquer at least as much as NATO’s Mamluks do.

If the Houthi sink an oil container or two, then NATO’s fake news tellers at the BBC will be considerably stretched in shoe horning the fallout from that into the Manichean narrative they are paid to spin. The long and the short of the march of the Houthi is it is one more front that is putting one more giant sized nail into the coffin of the Mamluks’ hold on power. Such a shame!

First, kill all the Lawyers

First, kill all the lawyers. So, famously said Dick the Butcher in Shakespeare’s Henry VI.

And, though Dick may have had a point about that most ignoble of all professions, Dick is there to symbolise the rabble, the same unorganised rabble that strung up Casca the poet in The Bard’s Julius Caesar and that the BBC’s journalists, together with their peers in the Daily Mail, the Sun and all NATO’s other Mamluks are paid to beguile.

But unorganised, fish and chips chomping rabble do not win the day. Mamluks, who conspire together, no matter how ignoble or amoral their cause or their methods, generally emerge victorious. The task, then, is not so much to kill all the lawyers but to politically, militarily and economically emasculate all the Mamluks of Israel, the United States, Britain and the European Union.

A mighty task, to be sure, and maybe a foolhardy or even impossible one. But one thing is sure and it is that until all of NATO’s morally pliable Mamluks, flunkeys and general factotums mentioned above are removed from the corridors and levers of power, there will be no justice and no peace, and probably not even a simple cod or haddock with chips and vinegar worth having either.

Gaza today, destruction elsewhere and probably everywhere tomorrow if NATO’s Mamluks continue to enforce NATO’s way.



By Declan Hayes

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