Most Americans Oppose Afghan War: Poll

WASHINGTON, Dec. 30 (Xinhua) — Poll results released Thursday found that more than six in ten Americans oppose the U.S. war in Afghanistan, and more people now believe things are going badly over there.

The new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll found 63 percent of people questioned in the poll say they oppose the war. It also indicated 56 percent of the public believes things are going badly for the United States in Afghanistan.

The figures are in contrast with those from a similar survey in March, when a majority thought that the war was going well. But by September, the number of people who said that things were going well for the U.S. in Afghanistan had dropped to 44 percent, and opposition to the war had grown to 58 percent. And Pessimism continued to rise about the situation in Afghanistan.

The survey indicated a partisan divide, with three-quarters of Democrats and more then six in ten independent voters opposed to the war, and Republicans supporting it by a 52 to 44 percent margin. A minority of Democrats and independents say the war is going well, with a majority of Republicans saying things are going well for the country.

U.S. President Barack Obama ordered the deployment of 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan about a year ago. In releasing the administration’s review of his war strategy this month, Obama said the war “continues to be a very difficult endeavor, … achievements made there are ” fragile and reversible.”

Obama said he was committed to the beginning of U.S. troops drawdown in July, 2011, but noted for the gains to be sustained over time, “there is an urgent need for political and economic progress in Afghanistan.”

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