Ministry of Railways inspect all the elevator and escalator of train station

Recently, to learn from the Beijing Metro Line 4 escalator accidents, Ministry of Railways required all Railway Administration immediately carry out special inspection of the elevator and escalator of train station and public places under the jurisdiction to ensure the safety, from July 7.

Ministry of Railways said that the elevator and escalator’s supervision, inspection and maintenance units should organized professionals to conduct a comprehensive and careful inspection to the elevators and escalators, including disabled elevators to eliminate security risks to ensure it can be back to use in time.

The test results and the situation that eliminate the risks from Railway Administration should be jointly signed with the director of elevator management units and the leader of elevator maintenance units, and then archived for future reference. The elevator which cannot eliminate the risks should be immediately stopped to use.

Currently, the Beijing Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station and Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing North Railway Station have completed a comprehensive inspection of all elevators.

Source: Beijing News

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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