Libyan Resistance Burns Down Two Banks in Free Baghdadi Campaign

As part of the Burn the Banker`s Money!

Free the People`s Secretary!

Campaign to draw attention to the unlawful detention of Libya’s Head of State, Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi, not only were bank notes set on fire, but two entire banks with all their contents.

Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi has been held political prisoner for over 300 days, at first in Tunisia and now in Libya.

His life is at risk, and the world has been silent, so the Campaign was launched to draw attention to his situation, and has since gone viral.

Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi is also the Honorable Secretary-General of the International People’s Conference Organization.


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Burn the Banker`s Money! Free the People`s Secretary!

Free the Libyan People`s Secretary!



People around the globe are setting fire to currency notes starting June 12, 2012 in an ongoing protest against the continued unlawful imprisonment in Tunisa, of the Secretary of the Libyan People’s Congress.

Doctor Mahmoudi Baghdadi, the Libyan People’s Secretary, had to flee to Tunisia to seek refuge and safety on August 19, 2011, but has since been silenced so he cannot be a voice for those who elected him. Baghdadi is now being held unlawfully in Tunisia since August 21, 2011 with plans to send him back to the mayhem in Libya.

June 12 is people’s human rights day since 24 years ago when on 12 June, 1988 the Green Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms was declared after a million people in thousands of basic people’s conferences held in Libya and abroad had deliberated on human rights. A worldwide Green Charter Movement now calls for these rights and freedoms everywhere.

In 2011 puppets of global bankers launched a fake Arab Spring using the spark of a Tunisian who set fire to himself. Millions in neighboring Libya now live under a brutal tyrany as a result.

The Green Charter Movement which advocates for real human rights and freedom has launched a campaign asking good people world wide to publish videos of themselves burning money.

Today in Tunisia, the campaign was launched with many Tunisians setting fire to their money. The same in Russia, parts of Europe, China, America and Australia. This is the start of a viral campaign.

“We value human life and we protect it. We do not kill ourselves as that is what our oppressors want. Nor do we value the money and property of our oppressors. We would rather set fire to it”, said a spokesperson for the Green Charter movement.

The Green Charter Movement has called on people everywhere to set fire to money, not themselves, in protest at the unlawful holding of the Libyan People’s Secretary, a symbol of millions of oppressed and terrorized Libyans suffering under an imposed dictatorship.

According to the Movement burning banknotes is not only symbolic, but an act of sacrifice and freedom from the control of bankers who print pieces of paper to rule us with. “Show your anger at the bankers who oppress us all!”

“Demand freedom for the Libyan People’s Secretary being held unlawfully in Tunisia. Burn bank notes in protest and upload your videos, adding the key word “#GreenCharter” !” said a press release from the Green Charter Movement.

“Instead of taking a day off work, and traveling to the city to hold up a sign saying ‘Free The People’s Secretary’, you save the money that wouldhave been lost and spent, and can burn some of it in an effective protest statement and use the rest of the money saved, for good causes”, the GCM said.

“If need be you can burn money every week until the People’s Secretary is free, and this is still going to be cheaper than protesting in the city, so the argument that burning money is bad, is simply not true.

The press release suggested that those who are spiritual or religious may offer a suggested prayer at the time of burning paper money:

“…Take this false wealth to hell! Destroy the false wealth of the bankers and oppressors! Protect us, reward us with REAL wealth many times this value!”

In related news, theInternational People’s Conference Organization has today bestowed on Dr Baghdadi the honorary position of Secretary-General of the Organization.

— The above statement is a joint news release by the International People’s Conference Organization and other organizations. Further background information follows here below.


The “Burn False Wealth” idea originated from the Leader of the International Green Charter Movement to set fire to money as a means of protest to draw attention to Dr Baghdadi’s plight. These actions are open to all persons without limitation nor any restriction.


Some precautions to take include:


* Show the bank note(s) to the camera so the currency can be seen as real, at the start of the video

* Hold up a sign, or speak “Free the People’s Secretary” or “Free the Libyan People’s Secretary”

* Show the burning of the currency clearly, but practice first with a cut piece of blank paper

* You can be anonymous by concealing your face, or you can show it, what counts is burning cash

* Send your videos to:

It’s been 340 daysthat the People’s Secretary has been held Political Prisoner!
If you have a site or blog, please put this code on your pages.

We request that all popular organizations and personalities lend support in a joint effort for the release of the People’s Secretary into freedom. We therefore ask all to publicize the above statement, so that it may become viral publicity.


News agencies and bloggers should search for #greencharter or “Green Charter” in YouTube and elsewhere, to find “Burn the Banker’s Money, Free The People’s Secretary” actions and freely copy and/or publish such videos, with links to sources.

Some of the Free The People’s Secretary, Burn The Banker’s Wealth videos uploaded from around the world:

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