Massacre in Egypt: A Collective Crime

The massacre in Egypt was committed as a result of the international community’s support for the coup makers; it was perpetrated as a collective crime.

This fact should be considered and those who shed hypocritical tears should not be taken seriously.

Western countries have remained bystanders to the emerging massacre.

Now in their statements, they are saying that they are disappointed with the coup makers.

What were they expecting?

Were they thinking that the military that ousted a democratically elected president would bring democracy to Egypt?

Once more, the West has been a bystander to murder committed by an army with which they collaborated. Western countries played a significant role in the process leading up to the massacre.

Two weeks before the massacre, the EU, on behalf of the coup makers, asked Mohammed Morsi to withdraw from the political arena to clear the way for the coup’s legitimization.

Morsi dismissed this offer. 

The Western powers thought that large sums of aid from the Arab monarchies would stop the people.

However, the nonviolent civilian resistance of the Egyptian people against the coup makers gained strength.

There was only one option for the coup makers to overcome the impasse they were facing: to make sure the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) relied on violent methods, so the democratic resistance would lose its legitimacy and justification.

This was the result they were expecting in the first and second massacres: to push the MB into a violent struggle and force them to rely on violent methods.

This attempt failed, and the resistance forces did not change their position and adopt violent methods.

The people who flooded into Adawiyya Square to protest the coup never resorted to violent measures.

Now we are facing a greater and graver massacre than the international community and the US will be able to justify and remain indifferent towards.

This is a massacre that will place those who failed to call what happened in Egypt a coup in a difficult position.

The international community which was lenient to Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria will not be able to do the same in Egypt.

There is an ongoing armed resistance against the Assad regime, and this is being used to justify his brutality and excessive measures.

But what about Egypt?

There hasn’t been a single violent attack so far against the coup makers in Egypt.

The MB’s policy dismisses violence and this fosters respect for them at the national and international levels.

Massacres and the declaration of a state of emergency will shorten the life of the coup.

The liberals, modernists and pro-Western intellectuals like Mohamed ElBaradei who have sided with the coup will not be able to shift the burden and crime of the massacre in Egypt.

It appears that they have committed a huge mistake by supporting the coup and taking part in the coup government.

The coup bloc will not be able to preserve its integrity after this massacre.

There are now reports indicating that ElBaradei is readying to step down.

Egypt is now a country where the Arab Spring was interrupted by a coup.

But there is no doubt that the same Egypt is a country where the expectations of the Arab Spring will be honored in the long term. A new history is being written for democracy in Egypt.


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