Man who slashed CCTV staff arrested

A man who slashed a female CCTV employee in the face as she walked on the street was arrested Friday.

The employee was near the former CCTV headquarters in Haidian when a man approached her and asked if she worked for the station. When she said yes, the man slashed her across the nose, according to a post on the Sina microblogging platform.

A photo uploaded onto the microblog showed the woman sitting with her face covered in blood and a pool of blood spreading around her on the pavement.

However, the woman’s nose was not cut off as was claimed in the miocroblog post, police said.

The suspect surnamed Xu, 40, from Liaoning Province, was arrested in Miyun county at 11 am on Friday.

Xu admitted to the police that he slashed the woman’s head with a knife and police are investigating his motive, the Haidian branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau (PSB) announced on its official Sina microblog late Friday. 

“The case is still under investigation,” a publicity department police officer from the Haidian branch of the PSB told the Global Times Sunday.

CCTV employees spoke of their fear of copycat attacks.

“The picture is really terrifying and I am afraid to tell people I am from CCTV now,” Li Xiang, a reporter with CCTV Business Channel, told the Global Times Sunday.

“We are all just reporters, doing our job. Even if people have hatred toward certain reports, they should not randomly attack anyone who is working in the organization,” Li added.

“My female colleagues were discussing how to return home after the night shift, and some even said they won’t be reporters in their next life,” Lu Jian, a CCTV 4 anchorman, said on his microblog after the incident.

Neither CCTV nor CNTV, CCTV’s website, have so far given employees any guidance regarding additional safety measures to take, a CNTV employee told the Global Times on condition of anonymity.

Web users also buzzed with safety concerns over the weekend in spite of the arrest.

“I’ll have to bring a knife when I am out in the future,” a female Web user nicknamed Shuishuidehuiyi posted on her microblog.

Source: Global Times

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