The Western propaganda machine is losing its potency as the United States’ anti-Russian proxy war in Ukraine fails.

Western mainstream media isn’t what it used to be. Some 20 years ago, US regime propagandists lied the United States into the Iraq War with ease. Saddam Hussein was “Hilter,” we were told. He wanted to conquer the world. He was making nukes. Americans bought the story unquestioningly.

Such has not been the case with the latest war effort. Americans are intensely divided. Congress is unable to pass requisite funding. And the US proxy regime is failing on the battlefield. Increasingly, it seems the propagandists in Washington and Langley are no longer up to the task.

Amidst the collective Western freakout that journalist Tucker Carlson will share his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin and provide Western audiences the opportunity to hear the unfiltered message of the US enemy du jour, ​​analyst Steve Poikonen joined Sputnik’s The Critical Hour program Wednesday to discuss the sad state of affairs.

“We’re going to fundamentally destroy the concept of journalism in the press in order to keep you from hearing this conversation,” Poikonen said, summarizing the mindset of Western rulers. “What we’re witnessing is multiple world governments telling people you don’t have the right to hear a conversation between two people that we don’t like right now.”

“I think that you have to look at every single instance of the state abusing its perceived authority or power to interfere with a journalist or their actions as part of the whole war on Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and journalism in general,” Poikonen added.

Julian Assange, the renegade founder of the website WikiLeaks, has been held in the HM Belmarsh high-security prison in the United Kingdom for almost five years.

The journalist was arrested after Ecuadorian President and suspected CIA asset Lenin Moreno revoked his asylum agreement after he’d spent seven years seeking refuge in the country’s embassy in London.

Assange believes the United States seeks to sentence him to life in prison or even submit him to the death penalty.

Host Wilmer Leon noted that US ally Israel is also deliberately targeting and killing journalists in its assault on Gaza while the United States itself operates a “massive biosurveillance structure” more sophisticated than that run by any secret police in history.

“The United States government/the West realizes it is losing the narrative, it is losing the public opinion,” said Leon. “When you look at the polls, Americans want us out of Ukraine, Americans don’t want their money to go there, Americans are opposed to the genocidal actions of the Zionist government in Israel. They’re losing the narrative, they’re losing in the court of public opinion.”

“And all Tucker Carlson is doing is now adding more information to that information war, and the United States is losing it.”


By John Miles

Published by Sputnik Globe



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