Long Distance Revolutionary: Internationally Renowned Journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal

I work with Stephen Vittoria, producer/director of Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary, the definitive documentary film on the life and work of internationally renowned journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal. 

Long Distance Revolutionary premiered in NYC back in February when it was the #3 documentary in the country.

After a successful theatrical run in more than 30 US cities, the film is now out on DVD and iTunes and will play on the Starz television network over the next two years.

The film just debuted in theaters across Germany and will continue on throughout Europe and the world this year and early 2014.

Now, as a qualifier for the 2014 Academy Awards, our distributor First Run Features has decided to re-release Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary in NYC at the Quad Cinema for a week long run from Oct 25-31.

This is a pivotal moment in the life of this film in that Academy recognition – even making the shortlist – could bring national mainstream attention to Mumia’s story and struggle.

Our promotional efforts are entirely grassroots and we need help getting the word out in NYC.

We have a large group of students coming from Manhattan Community College and it’s worth noting that the film has particular value for students and educators in that it places Mumia’s life story in the context of historical, institutional racism (particularly in Philadelphia) and the pernicious growth of the Prison Industrial Complex.

Long Distance Revolutionary is, moreover, an incredible primer on Mumia’s unique and incisive critical voice.

I’ve attached our promotional postcard for the NYC run and, below, provided links to our website, trailer, and a special commentary from Alice Walker on the importance of the film.

In addition to Alice Walker, the film features Cornel West, Angela Davis, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, Amy Goodman, and many others.

Please share this postcard and links with your networks. And if you or any of your colleagues know of student organizations that may want to attend as a group, please contact me to make arrangements. You can reach me by email or either of the numbers below.

many thanks,
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