London Olympics Dirty Bomb: How To Prepare For & Survive Nuclear Radiation

As predicted by Mathaba Analysts the likelihood of a a dirty nuclear bomb explosion during the London Olympics is over 70%, and people are ill prepared for the eventuality.

The population are not being told that they can increase survival chances by 99% if they are prepared, and act immediately.

Actions include ensuring that they take the right actions to protect themselves during the first 7 hours and ideally for the entire first 48 hours.

Mathaba advises readers to vacate the London area and head to the west (e.g. Wales) or south (e.g. Spain), while those in Benelux and Northern France should head south east


A specially prepared home-made shelter with the right filtering and structure, can even be set up within existing buildings.

Mathaba subscribers can print the manual “What to do if a nuclear disaster is imminent” if they are unable or unwilling to vacate London or the South East of England for the duration of the Olympic Games and follow the detailed instructions to increase their survival chances.

The manual includes details of precautions, shelter construction, avoiding contamination via air, water and food.

Those who are not subscribers can sign up here for around seven quid (ten euros).

The manual covers topics such as:

1. To stay or go?

2. What you need to do first

3. Food/supplies

4. Water

5. Shelter

6. Essential Details

7. List of Supplies to Acquire Locally

8. Additional information

The survivability and avoidance of slow death by radiation are critically dependent upon the first (7) hours and first (2) days, after which survivors down-wind (e.g. London) should move north-west.

Otherwise those wishing to survive the predicted disaster should leave London ahead of the Olympics, heading toward Wales or Ireland, or to Spain or further afield for the duration of the Olympic Games.,

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