letter to Obama

Dear Mr. President,

The ongoing military drills which only increase tension and risks of a full scale war in the Korean Peninsula cannot sustain peace and stability in the region, North East Asia and the world as a whole.

America’s economic blockade, military threats and demonization propaganda against a sovereign independent nation are much overdue.

Without further delay, by signing a Peace Treaty with the DPRK, together with all parties that were part of the 1953 Armistice Agreement, we urge you to put an end to the Korean War which never ended, but simply halted.

No more America’s “Two Korea Policy”. The “divide and conquer” strategy must stop once and for all. All Koreans should be helped to work together for a self-determined and peaceful reunification.

Staging costly and unnecessary military exercises in recurring massive war games year after year – for almost 60 years now, and involving tens of thousands of US and South Korean troops, armed with the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction are not needed any more in the Korean peninsula and the whole region.

These war games heighten risks – that an accident could quickly spiral into a full-blown war, which could kill tens of millions of people and destroy the entire peninsula and the region. And, without doubt, as you know very well, sir, it’ll definitely be a nuclear warfare!

We urge you to return to the dialogue table as the best form of diplomacy to achieve lasting peace and security in Korea and the Northeast Asia region.

Thank you.


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