Legalizing homosexual marriage——not only about regime

It has been 10 years since Li Yinhe, who was the first female socialist researching sex in china, proposed legalizing homosexual marriage during the “two sessions” in 2001.

However, that is yet to happen and homosexuals still do not get much understanding or respect from most people in China. Although the attitude of some young people is more open and understanding, gays and lesbians, still face a lot of pressure from society.

Many are afraid of telling others they are homosexual, because it can cause trouble in their life and work. Some homosexuals are even made to believe they are freaks.

The homosexual tragedy is that prejudice and misunderstanding have ruined many homosexuals’ lives and their families.

It is especially difficult for parents to accept their child is a homosexual. Even when parents know the truth, many try and force their child to be a “normal” person and marry a heterosexual.

Such a situation leads to serious problems. Not only will the homosexual have to live a painfully false life, their spouses will also be hurt through no fault of their own. And if they have a child, then things will be even more complicated.

More and more homosexuals are choosing to have a fake marriage. Gays and lesbians marry one another so their parents believe they are living a “normal” life. In this way, both the lesbian wife and the gay husband can satisfy their parents and live an easier life. But the couple have to constantly maintain the pretense in  front of both sets of parents. It is impossible for them to make every plan perfect and even a tiny mistake can lead to discovery.

“Even though I don’t encourage the marriage form, and I know that the heterosexual marriage is disintegrating fast, I still agree with legalizing homosexual marriage, because allowing people to get married is different from wanting to get married. The right to get married is a fundamental right of human beings,” said Fang Gang, a scholar of sexual psychology.

Actually, it’s hard to imagine that a nation will protect a special group’s rights with legislation without most citizens’ acceptance.

Homosexuals are different from most of us, but only in their sexual orientation. As human beings, they have the fundamental right to be with the person they love, just like everyone else.

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