Korea + Northeast Asia at the Brink of War: If Broke, Third World War = First Nuclear War!



Before the brink of a real war situation (if a war broke, it’ll be definitely a nuclear war, period!) not only in Korean peninsula but also in Northeast Asia region as a whole, unproductive blame game must be stopped once for all! It’s time to stop all sorts of shameful blame games like the “blind game” in this newly renewed war crisis!

For the blame game won’t help anybody at all. It won’t prevent the real war situation from further inflamed. It instead would certainly make the situation get further inflammable!

Rather those most responsible parties should sit and talk and engage in serious dialogues, instead blaming each other, as former US President Jimmy Carter urgently called for dialogue in his November 25th’s Opinion article (“North Korea’s Consistent Message to the US”) for the Washington Post, unlike the sitting both US and South Korean presidents who shamefully blamed others, while calling for an opposite approach.

Fundamental reasons and real issues instead should be looked into and given thorough attentions by everybody who is genuinely concerned of the situation: Why Korean peninsula, thereby the Northeast Asia region should repeatedly face such a catastrophic danger?

Why this region has been often thrown into a war situation like this, as exactly was the case during the sunken Cheonan incident last March? There have been a countless number of very same cases such as today’s situation existed throughout the destructive, inhumane, and torturous 60 years of “Semi-War” status of Korean peninsula.

Korea has been forced to be situated in that semi-war structure since the 1953 Armistice Agreement. Who’s most responsible for this tragic situation to be forcefully continued till this very day? Who’s the most decisive player who could end this cycle of warmongering situation once for all? How could the peninsula and the region get out of this ongoing cycle of mutually-destructive situation?

What the world witness today in Korean peninsula is the one which has taken place countlessly throughout those 60 years of Korea’s Division. Who’s benefited from this tragic division situation? Who’s most suffered from it? This forceful division is a crime! This is a committing sin to those who’ve suffered most!

Unless this forced division in Korean peninsula is peacefully and urgently overcome, the situation like today will evermore continue until an eventual arrival of a quite realistic predicament of nuclear war which will surely annihilate the whole region, if not the whole world!

Dialogue and the signing of Peace Treaty among Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK), Peoples Republic of China (PRC), and United States of America (USA) who signed the Armistice Agreement almost 60 years ago is the only answer to save the region and the world from a now strong possibility of this nuclear war situation!

As long as the fragile Armistice Agreement remains in status quo, the region and the whole world will have to face this disastrous cycle of death and destruction all the time. People should question, think and judge independently, objectively and responsibly before making any judgments.

Otherwise often hasty and thereby could-be blind judgments can be used for wrong ends! Those judgments could end up often only serving greedy interests of wrong people like many cases in the past history! No one will like that end! The world will not benefit from it at all!

Dr. Kiyul Chung who is Adjunct Professor at School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University is the Editor-in-chief of the 4th Media.

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