Buk missile system confused Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 with Ukrainian fighter jets


Kiev Source: Ukraine Accidentally Shot Down MH17 During Exercises


A source within the Ukrainian defense department claims that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was accidentally shot down by Ukrainian troops during a military exercise in near Donetsk which took place on July 17.

“On July 17 the commanding officer of 156th Anti-Aircraft Regiment was instructed to conduct a training exercise of ground troops stationed near Donetsk, which involved deploying the troops, and carrying out a routine tracking and destroying of targets with the Buk-M1 missile,” the source told RIA Novosti.

Although actual use of the rockets was not intended, they were accidentally fired off when two Sukhoi Su-25 combat aircraft flew parallel with but at a different altitude than the Boeing 777, claims the source. When the three aircraft merged and became a single dot on the missile ‘s radar system, the Buk-M1 automatically chose the larger target, leading to the demise of MH17.

It is worth noting that RIA Novosti is Russian state media, although the veracity of the story is no less credible than YouTube videos uploaded by the Ukrainian government, which have been relied upon by both Kiev and Washington as the main source of evidence for the contention that separatist rebels were responsible for downing the airliner.

In addition, the information correlates with what former AP and Newsweek investigative journalist Robert Parry was told by his intelligence source, which was that the U.S. is in possession of satellite imagery which shows men wearing Ukrainian army uniforms firing the missile system that brought down MH17.

Given that Parry won awards for his work exposing the Iran Contra scandal, one would imagine that he has built up some credible and influential sources over the past few decades.

Kiev has failed to release transcripts from air traffic control communications which were seized by Ukrainian security services immediately after the incident, although pilots on board an Air India Dreamliner which was flying just 90 seconds behind Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 say they heard Ukrainian air traffic control give the order for the doomed plane to change route minutes before MH17 was shot down by a missile.

Russia has presented radar evidence which it claims shows Ukrainian fighter jets in the vicinity of MH17 shortly before it was shot down.

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  1. One: This cannot be true. This does not explain why the MH15 airliner changed its course and lower its altitude, as it was approaching the area where it was shot upon.

  2. Two: Ukraine has butchered the false flag operation, it was disclosed by Russia, and now the neo-Nazis are trying to escape responsibility by testing, if we will buy the “accident” theory.

  3. Three: During training exercises, both the ground command and the military jets in the air would sweep the entire area with their radars. They would also trace the transponder ID signals. They would have to see the MH17 airliner.

  4. It was not by accident, Records show Ukraine Air Traffic Controller requested flight plan prior to the downing of the aircraft! This was definitely set up in coordination with NATO to be a false flag event!

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