Japan’s Moves to Tamper with Its History Lead to Its Self-destruction

Pyongyang, September 13 (KCNA) – Japanese Prime Minister Noda and other political heavyweights persistently insist that there is no evidence that Japanese imperialists forced women into sexual slavery in the past.

The chairman of the National Public Safety Commission of Japan cried out for retracting the 1993 “Kono statement” in which he made an apology for the issue of sexual slavery.

In the meantime, the Japanese government is set to bring the issue of Tok Islets to the International Court of Justice.

Rodong Sinmun Thursday says in a bylined commentary in this regard: This is a product of the crafty moves of the Japanese reactionaries to evade the responsibility for the past crimes and dodge the obligation to pay reparation for them at any cost.

The issue of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army was recognized by the international community as a monstrous crime against humanity and it is the unanimous view of the international community that the Japanese government should honestly admit it, apologize for it and take steps for paying reparation for it.

It was proved by history that 200 000 Korean women were forcibly taken away, kidnapped and lured before being forced to provide sex to the Japanese imperialist aggressors in the past.

The Japanese reactionaries are mulling bringing the issue of Tok Islets, part of the inviolable territory of Korea, to the International Court of Justice, insisting that they belong to Japan.

This is a prelude to their operations to stage a comeback to Korea. Those who tamper with history have no future.

The Japanese reactionaries are fated to die before their times if they work hard to prolong their existence by misinterpreting the past crimes and trying to dodge their settlement.

Japan would be well advised to be sincere and honest and opt for redressing its past crimes.


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