Israeli Rape of Africa Reaps Fruits

“Neither demonstrations nor strikes will help you,” said two days ago Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu after African refugees flooded Tel Aviv’s main square. His words produced the opposite effect. The day after, January 8, 2014, ten thousand refugees travelled on buses to Jerusalem and filled the Wohl Rose Park, near the Knesset. After raping Africa for over fifty years, Israel is reaping the bitter fruits of its crimes.


Africans protest

Africans protest Israel’s expulsion bill in Rabin Square, Tel Aviv, January 5, 2014
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Raping Africa

In the 1950s, Prime Minister Ben Gurion was trying to create the “Peripheral Alliance” in the Middle East, with no-Arabic countries in it. The core of this alliance was the triangle Jerusalem-Ankara-Tehran. The efforts were coordinated through the Mossad, which was directed those days by Isser Harel. Documents regarding operative sides of this alliance reached the hands of the current regime in Iran after the fall of the American Embassy in Tehran, thus providing an external corroboration to these claims, which recently appeared in a new book entitled “AMAN under the spotlight—the first decade of the IDF’s Intelligence.”


Major General Aviv Kochavi

Major General Aviv Kochavi—current AMAN Director
The Age Of Treason


In it, four inner AMAN (IDF Intelligence Directorate) documents were recently disclosed (AMAN: Iran, Turkey and Israel fight Egypt), adding fascinating details. The dry names of the documents are quite explicit: “Israeli-Turkish Meeting of June 1958,” “Directives to Your Meetings with the Turks,” “Report on the Heads of Services Meeting of Persia, Turkey and Israel September 30-October 5, 1958,” and “Operational Cooperation with the Turkish Services.”

An additional front in this effort was Africa. Israel was active in the construction, pharmaceutical and weapons markets in many countries of the continent, invariably causing damage and violence.

One of the companies forming the TA-25 Index (the largest members of TASE, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) is Africa-Israel. It was founded by South African Jews in 1934 and became one of the largest construction companies in Israel. Until the 1973 War, it was active in Africa specializing in large public structures, providing Israel with valuable information. Events like Operation Entebbe depend on accurate data on target structures.

The recent attack on Kenya was carried out in an Israeli-owned shopping mall, and Israel acknowledged involvement on the event.

Since 1997, Africa-Israel is owned by Lev Leviev, a Bukharian billionaire who replaced the Soviet Union with Savion (Israel’s richest neighborhood) and London.

His taking control of Africa-Israel is linked to his activities, mining of blood-diamonds in Angola (Israel Gets Pink) and massive construction projects in the West Bank.

The largest company in TASE is Teva, a pharmaceutical corporation. It started its enrichment by selling “sulfa” (a predecessor of antibiotics) to African countries long after this poison was prohibited elsewhere (it is still legal in inhumane Bolivia).

Oddly, Israel, which claims to be a light to the nations, considers it legitimate to sell to others what it forbids to its own.+


Phillip Frost

Phillip Frost
Chairman of the Board of Teva
Teva Nears Collapse Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks


The third member of Israel’s unholy trinity in Africa is weapons trafficking.

In October 2010, China was struggling hard to prevent the publication of a report showing the flow of weapons it sold in Darfur; the same report mentioned that at least two samples of ammunition used by the Justice and Equality Movement, one of the main rebel groups there, had been manufactured in Israel. Yet, Israel was hardly mentioned in the Western media.

At the same time, seven Israelis, all ex-military men, were behind bars in four African countries on gunrunning charges. All had been licensed by Israel’s Defense Ministry. I reviewed the cases in On Israeli Crimes in Africa and Western Media.*

Israel uses Senegal to transport Syltherm 800 from American Dow Chemical to Israel. The product is used in the inner parts of the Dimona nuclear reactor as a heat transfer liquid, instead of the more common molten metal. The American DoD never gave a permit to that.

For years, CIA funds were channeled by American trade unions to the Histadrut Labor Federation in Israel and from it to Africa to finance various activities. The money was used to post an impressive array of Mossad agents in the African states, a list which includes later arch-spies David Kimche, Reuven Merhav and Nahum Admoni. Israel gives strategic value to countries of the Horn of Africa—Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan—which control the shipping lanes to Eilat and are close to Egypt, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Along the years, Israelis were involved in coups d’état in Uganda and Zanzibar and in the civil wars of Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast. Israel aided controversial regimes in Equatorial Guinea and the two Congo republics.

While presenting itself as benevolent and a light to the nations, Israel supplies Africa with poisons, weapons and death.


Africans Protesting in front of the Knesset

Africans Protesting in front of the Knesset
Jerusalem, January 8, 2014

Did you know? African Workers in Israel Coffee Animation 


Africa Answers

The previous section is just the shortlist of Israeli activities in Africa. If the UN wasn’t biased towards the West and its collaborators, that would be enough to categorize Israel at least as a terror-supporting organization.


Africans Protesting

“Hunger Strike”
Africans Protesting in front of the Knesset
Jerusalem, January 8, 2014


A side effect was the creation of extensive personal links between Israel and Africa. That was enough to start a migration of refugees and workers from the continent to the political island. In the 1990s, Neve Sha’anan, the neighborhood next to Tel Aviv’s old bus terminal became the unofficial capital of African migrants in Israel.

Israel didn’t mind. They were excellent workers.

After the Second Intifada started, Palestinians stopped working in Israel. Africans replaced them, leading to the actual situation in which tens of thousands of Africans are building the Zionist dream. Lev Levaiev’s Israel-Africa flavors now its own poison.

In recent years, they became prominent. When they started asking for rights, creating schools and filling Tel Aviv’s pretty beaches, Israel decided that it doesn’t like them anymore. The articles linked at the bottom of this page summarize the violence against Africans.&

On January 5, African protests escalated. They started a strike and massive protests in Tel Aviv. On January 8, they climbed all the way from the coastal plain to Mount Zion.

A Hebrew idiom used to denote something extraordinary is “Even the Elders of Zion do not remember such a …” Today it was used at the sight of the Wohl Rose Park, Zion’s whitest rose, when it was filled with African protesters. Even the Knesset’s Elders have not seen anything similar. 10,000 Protesters filled the garden. White roses were offended.

It started well. Member of the Knesset (MK) Michal Rozin, MK Shimon Solomon and MK Dov Khenin invited representatives of the protesters to have a meeting and expose their views. Horrorized, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, a former Russian dissident, denied them entrance, and the meeting took place without the victims of Israel’s racism, providing the odd image reproduced here.


Knesset Committee meeting on the African Protests

Knesset Committee meeting on the African Protests
African were denied access and the room remained empty
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Edelstein acted after receiving a letter by Likud MK Miriam Regev, who claimed that the event will “damage the honor of the Knesset and the rule of law.” This racist remark by pale Regeb makes sense after remembering that during Mandela’s funeral Israel refused a blood donation from a black lawmaker.

Shocked, the Africans in the garden answered.

Interlude: Automatic Racism 

One must admit that the scene is a bit bizarre. People who admittedly don’t have any links to Judaism arrive in Israel after a perilous trip across the Sinai and Negev deserts; reports on the horrors faced by them along the way should be enough to grant recognition of the survivors as refugees upon arrival. Once they are in what they had perceived before their arrival as a haven, most of them settle in southern Tel Aviv and work in a variety of badly-paid service jobs. Facing deportation, they attempt conversion to Judaism.

In June 2012, Benjamin Netanyahu admitted through an “unnamed source in his office”—a Hebrew-media euphemism for the head of an institution—that Israel’s Prime Minister’s Bureau automatically rejects requests by African refugees to convert to Judaism. “Of course, all the requests were rejected,” the unnamed source told the Hebrew press while stuffing yet another tasty tartlet in his massive mouth. The “of course” part of his elaborate claim revealed the hidden intents of his racist policies. The involvement of the highest political authority in the country on issues of religious conversion may seem odd, but it was the result of the affair being conducted by a committee formed by people from various ministries, and due to the sensitivities involved. In Israel, Jewishness is the backdoor to citizenship (Netanyahu Strikes Africans).

Political refugees face the same fate. The Population and Immigration Authority claimed recently that since 2009 it received 1,800 requests to get refugee status by people arriving from African countries. Almost 2⁄3 of them where from Eritrea. Most of the others were from Sudan. Sudanese citizens returned to Sudan face imprisonment; yet many were deported via Egypt. Until now, not even one request was approved, despite the vast majority of the petitions originating in war zones. Many hundreds were not even checked.

In contrast, foreigners claiming to be Jews, who are not persecuted, get automatic citizenship$ by the State of Israel. It is just a question of politics, white politics. This is distilled racism at its best; 100% pure white liquor.++

Africa Answers in Hebrew

Edelstein and Regeb heard with horror how the refugees they despise answered in a Hebrew better than the spoken by many rabbis.

Sadik was one of the African speakers. He identified himself as arriving from Darfur, and spoke in clear, correct Hebrew. “We are not criminals. We ask the Prime Minister and the Government to stop treating us as such. We are humans, we are people like you. We asked from you to check our refuge petitions [but you didn’t], we have no patience left. If you can’t do that, send the petitions to the UN, it will work faster. We have no patience left. You said that we are infiltrators and work-seekers and that we steal the jobs from you. Now we won’t work until the problem is solved.”


Strangers you were in the Land of Egypt

Strangers you were in the Land of Egypt
Jerusalem, January 8, 2014


While media reported that today ten people from Sudan entered Israel Netanyahu claimed that the border is now closed and that Africans within Israel will be deported. The alleged closing is the result of a new fence and the military schools city being built, which make crossing the dessert difficult. The media are correct; Israel cannot block the trade routes run by Bedouins since ancestral times. Africans will continue to reach Israel despite government tricks.

Israel has created a reality so horrible that religion and God have become cynical tools used by the state. Invariably, they are used to manipulate, cheat, and trick citizens and foreigners alike. It is the antithesis of Biblical Israel; the signature mark of evil. Religion is not racism. Religion is not hatred. Religion is not violence. “Love thy neighbour as thyself,” says the Bible. Israel, Africa is your neighbor.

PM Netanyahu, as long as you do not understand this simple message of love towards the other—love to yourself is worthless—you will continue to be nothing but an internationally loathed pariah, even if Kenyan presidents living in a white house are polite to you. Please show mercifulness to these refugees, they mean no harm to you. After all, your ancestors were slaves in Egypt, weren’t they?

PM Netanyahu, let me paraphrase you. Nothing will help you, neither armies nor illegitimate laws, as long as you don’t respect others as you respect yourself. Nothing will help you. If you treat others as you claim Nazis treated your ancestors, then you will walk down their tracks.


South Sudanese Woman deported from Israel on June 13

South Sudanese Woman deported from Israel on June 13, 2012


Mr. Tov Roy is one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media. 




+ Teva main product is Copaxone, the commercial name of glatiramer acetate, a drug used for multiple sclerosis developed in the Weizmann Institute of Science. Teva sells $4 billion per year of Copaxone. This product alone equals almost 2% of Israel’s yearly revenue.

However, the patent Teva holds is about to expire; this will substantially hit Teva’s profits. A patent owned on Azilect is not very profitable. The remnant of the sales is within the generic drugs’ realm of infinite boredom; it is like selling used cars. Its generic drugs business cannot justify the company’s current size. See Teva Nears Collapse.

* In 1989-90, Yair Gal Klein (a former lieutenant colonel and special forces commander in the IDF) spent 16 months in a Sierra Leone prison for selling guns for blood diamonds. He was released by intervention of the Mossad. In 2007, he was detained in Moscow on an Interpol warrant when he attempted to fly to Tel Aviv with a doctored passport. He is on the run since a Colombian court had sentenced him in absentia to 10 years’ imprisonment in 2001 for training right-wing paramilitaries in the 1980s.

Shimon Naor-Hershkowitz, a former commando and senior officer in the Israeli navy, is currently being held in France and is expected to be extradited to Romania to serve an 11-year prison term imposed in 1999 for forging documents to buy weapons in Romania destined for Western-backed Angolan rebels.

Gideon Sarig is in a British prison serving a seven-year sentence imposed in 2010 for selling arms to various organizations in Venezuela, Peru, Senegal, Nigeria, Gabon and Sri Lanka. Ofer Pazaf is in a U.S. jail awaiting trial on charges of plotting to bribe U.N. and African officials for an arms deal. He is president of an Israeli company that works as an intermediary for Israel’s defense industry. Arrested with him are two other Israelis, Yohanan Cohen and Haim Gary, both top executives of defense-related companies. Hanoch Miller is also jailed in America. He was arrested on charges of attempting to sell thousands of AK-47s to Somaliland, an autonomous region in northern Somalia.


& See the African Workers section:


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