Israel Kills Palestinian Boy in Revenge

Jews Kill Palestinian Boy in Revenge

they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?Revelation 6:10

At 3:30AM of July 2, 2014, a boy left his home in Shuafat, a refugee camp turned neighborhood in the northern outskirts of East Jerusalem. He did that every day; following his movements was easy. This time he was kidnapped and killed. His burnt body was found later in the Jerusalem Forest.

Palestinian Boy Assassinated by Jews

His name has not been published yet. In an interview given by his mother, her face is hidden. There is a good reason for that; the family and the house may become the next target for the Jewish avengers attempting to scare away any possible link to their violence. Shuafat has been blocked by the police; entry to the neighborhood is not allowed.

Searching in a water well, Hebron

Israel Police at the assassination site near Mt. Herzl
Sign: “Jewish National Fund – Jerusalem’s Forest”
Brave New World

“Apparently, they wanted to avenge on us the kidnapping of the three boys,” a relative said to Yediot Ahronot. The event was partially filmed by a security camera. The avenging* nature of the event was confirmed later by Palestinian Member of the Knesset Zuabi and a panic-stricken Netanyahu.


Shuafat is on the northern outskirts of East Jerusalem, part of it was illegally annexed by Israel
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“My son left home at 3:30AM. He was in his way to the mosque, and to my sorrow, he did not return. Every day he goes to the mosque at this hour, to pray. I do not know what happened with him, who is behind the kidnapping. What I ask now is to bring him back to me because I cannot live without him,” his mother said before the scorched body was found.

The relative added “Yesterday, there was an attempt to kidnap a 9-year-old boy. Teenagers that were nearby prevented the event and saved the boy, but today they managed to kidnap.”

All reports claim that the boy “was a nice guy,” and that “the family lived a quiet life here.”

The same anonymous relative expanded “I am confident that the assassination was perpetrated on nationalistic reasons. It was not a criminal event. It was an answer to the three settlers killed. The people of Israel must understand that we sit [live] here not to make problems. We are on our land. We did not take lands from others. The State of Israel is the one trying to humiliate us.”

The neighbors were more assertive. They said that the assassins will not be caught. “Even if caught, law differentiates between Jews and Palestinians. You [Jews] destroyed the homes of the three Jewish boys’ kidnappers. We demand from the State of Israel to destroy the house of the Jewish extremists who assassinated the Palestinian boy.”

Mishmar Hagvul in Shuafat

Mishmar Hagvul Force placed Shuafat under curfew, by AFP
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Protests are spreading. Meanwhile their main manifestations are burnt trash bins and three destroyed stations of the Jerusalem Light Rail.

Losing control on his violent and illegitimate fiefdom, Prime Minister Netanyahu said “I ask all sides no to take the law into their hands.”


Netanyahu’s panic is not surprising. This time, the Shin Beth secret police trick hit back at Israel. The Jewish population did not stay at home watching Palestinians defending themselves from the incessant attacks. Hebrew media is full of reports on ongoing attacks on Palestinians.

The attacks are online too. A Facebook group called “The People of Israel Demands Revenge” (am israel doresh nekama) publishes unequivocal images preaching terror attacks against Palestinians. Herr Zuckerberg does not seem to mind violence in this case. Dear Mark, this is called double standards, the trademark of your nation. How was your Bar Mitzvah?

The event is developing. Allow me to end this article with the video of Jews insulting a Palestinian woman and with online calls to take revenge (on their own crime!).


from The People of Israel Demands Revenge Facebook Group

“Allow us simply to spray!!”
image from “The People of Israel Demands Revenge” Facebook Group




“We will remember and we will not forget. We want Revenge!!”
image from “The People of Israel Demands Revenge” Facebook Group


One last question to the Shin Beth agents responsible for these crimes. Where you just following orders?


Just Following Orders

Just Following Orders


Mr. Roi Tov is one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media.

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