Not too late to stop US/West-led invasion against Libya


The New York Times in its March 17 article reported “The United Nations Security Council voted to authorize military action, including airstrikes against Libyan tanks and heavy artillery and a no-fly zone.” It also reports “the Security Council authorized member nations to take ‘all necessary measures’ to protect civilians, diplomatic code words calling for military action.”

For yet fully unknown reason(s), China, Russia, Germany, Brazil and India took the position of abstention at that Security Council vote.

Too late to “regret”?

However, last March 20, Xinhua News Agency reported “China’s Foreign Ministry on Sunday expressed regret over the multinational military strike against Libya, saying that it did not agree with resorting to force in international relations: ‘China has noticed the latest development in Libya and regrets the military strike against Libya,’ Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said.”

The Sydney Morning Herald on March 20 also reported “Russia’s foreign ministry [too] expressed regret over the attacks and said Security Council Resolution 1973 was ‘adopted in haste,’ while the African Union, which opposed military action, on Sunday called for an ‘immediate stop’ to all attacks.”

But I wonder if both China’s and Russia’s belated expressions of “regrets” and African Union’s opposition against the US/West-led “military strikes against Libya” aren’t too late to “regret.”

I really wonder if their rather reserved and somewhat very gentle way of opposition against those three former colonial powers’ another aggressive, hypocritical, and self-righteous military intervention could really stop them from further military attacks against another sovereign nation.

I hardly believe it would work. For I believe those centuries-old three imperialistic powers seem very much determined to go ahead to rid of Libyan leader Gaddafi from power anyway and make this most prosperous and oil-rich nation on the African continent under their vicious neocolonial control again.

Deceive the whole world by demonization of national leadership

In order to make their hidden ends met by any means necessary, they did it again: DECEIVE THE WHOLE WORLD!

Like Iraq both in 1990s (Father Bush) and 2000s (Son Bush), they were able to do it again in 2011, this time in Libya!

In fact, they were able to do this very much same thing both in Korea in 1950s and Vietnam in 1960s, too!

However, even if they were able to demonize their arch enemies extensively throughout the world, they weren’t able to succeed what they’d attempted in those first major US-led international military interventions.

But they didn’t stop there.

They resumed that old bad habit of warmongering (i.e., war as business) again, however, this time “selectively against small, weak and defenseless” third world nations such as Grenada, Panama, Afganistan, Iraq (through direct military interventions), Indonesia, East Timor, the Philippines, South Korea, Chile, Columbia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Congo, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, etc., etc. (through indirect military but politically, economically and culturally direct involvements).

As well-documented, these either direct or indirect US interventions by any means are nothing new, however!

In reality, the US has been repeatedly committing such a heinous crime, i.e., the very deceptive, hypocritical, self-righteous and even vicious tactics as its ruthless colonial strategy of “divide and conquer” against first native aboriginal people in North American continent starting since 1492 and afterwards for next four to five centuries against surrounding nations and peoples in Caribbean Islands, both Central and South American continents till this very day. 

Those former (and present, too!) colonial powers may talk nicely, humbly or gently. But their histories, actions and mentalities are not necessarily same as their talks. So the world must not make mistake about it! The world must not be naïve about them!

The world must not make mistake about it! It’s their “imperial ambitions”!

Their colonial, imperial and hegemonic mindset, mentality, culture, particularly their racism against non-Western nations and peoples around the globe are not nice, humble or gentle at all.

Their racism against Africa is still outrageously present. They even didn’t take into consideration of “African Union’s strong opposition to any sort of military intervention against Libya” which in fact belongs to African continent.

Their “imperial ambitions” (Chomsky) seem never easily go away. In other words, their greedy zeal for interventions, occupations, and dominations are resilient and pervasive.

Probably most absurdly, together with their culture of hypocrisy, the self-righteous (like Son Bush’s Christian fundamentalist thereby unbelievably dichotomous, dualistic or simplistic) mentality is America’s unconscious culture which is built into their sociopolitical and religious psychology.

So, like today in Libya, they’ve repeated to commit those heinous crimes as if they seem never unaware what they’re doing. Or do they habitually deny their crimes and all sorts of wrongdoings by believing or insisting what they’re doing something very “noble, just and righteous.”

This time, too, they unashamedly claim their military strike against Libya is for the “protection of civilians,” while everyone else knows it’s not! What they do now in the name of so-called “humanitarian aid” is, as everyone knows, to achieve their hidden and/or disguised military, economic, political and strategic ends in oil-rich North African region.

They are there in Libya for their desperate needs and goals to fulfill their “imperial ambitions” :

  1. To recapture the most oil- and gas-rich nation in Africa for their economic, military and political gains;
  2. To recover their once-glorious places from ongoing political, military and economic defeats and failures;
  3. To stop or slow the collapsing processes of the Empire from further going down into the backstage of world history;

Thus, it’s morally disgusting when some of the Western national leaders who were so-called “democratically elected in free elections” such as French President Sarkozy do gambles with military intervention against a sovereign and independent nation.

World mainstream media including French papers and TV programs sarcastically saturate Sarkozy for his political gambling to stay in power but at the expense of countless number innocent peoples’ lives and bloods by violating a sovereign nation’s rights to self-determination, independence and self-governance.

Needless to argue, those major former colonial powers, particularly the national leadership of both US and France are there attempting not only to rob both natural and human resources away from Libyan people but also to secure their second presidential election victories in 2012.

In order to make that happen, they’ve done literally everything possible including massive information war prior to their military actions. To justify their military intervention, they’ve willfully employed their propaganda tools such as global corporate and government media outlets to deceive the whole world.

Global scale of media deception, information control, disinformation, misinformation including outright lies and fabricated stories such as “Gaddafi’s air force bombed his own unarmed civilian population and massive indiscriminate killings who peacefully challenged the Libyan government” has been employed.

However, those reports carried out by US/Western major media including Al Jazeera are now turned out to be “not true.” See one of the lead stories on the 4th Media: “Lie against Libyan leader Gaddafi.”

It may not be too late to stop US/West madness!

World’s majority populations anxiously await to see those 4 BRIC (China, Russia, Brazil, India) nations including Germany and African Union and any other nations around the world who believe in those universally-recognized, -upheld and -promoted principles such as “mutual respect to national sovereignty, independence and self-determination,” particularly “non-interference to nation’s internal matters” oppose in unison to the US/NATO-led military attack against a sovereign Libya.

It may not be too late to stop them from committing another human-made catastrophe, if those nations in undeterred strong solidarity could organize the world opinions as fast, proactive and aggressive as enough to challenge those belligerent Western nations’ ill-willed military adventures or madness.

If they could take those colonial powers’ propaganda machines of ongoing deceptions, fabrications and lies away or fully reveal them, it may not be too late to stop them from further insane.

Before it’s too late, the world must act now!

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