“Internet Freedom” Is Just a “G-String” Over America’s Mighty Power

While some Western countries were gossiping about other countries’ Internet regulation policies, America’s “Internet Navy” renounced the world splendidly, which resounded like a slap in their faces. This not only reveals the hypocrisy and shamelessness of the principle of “Internet freedom” led by United States, but also reveals the power politics within the U.S.-led countries.

It turns out that “Internet freedom” is just a “G-string” for America’s mighty power.

One can never forget when the Americans bound “Internet freedom” as a weapon in their foreign policy “tank,” initiating aggressive political attacks toward other countries; while showing off and advocating American “Internet freedom.”

However, when the “vested” double-dealing “Internet Navy” by the U.S. military was revealed, Americans didn’t deign to swallow their own words; instead, used “Internet thugs” to suppress opinions on the Internet and exposing its hideous, mad and dirty true colors; it turns out that the principle of “Internet freedom” advocated by Americans is not “Pegasus,” but merely “floating clouds,” which means that the U.S. is no wonderland but a den of monsters for the Internet.

There’s a saying in China that “one cannot lead the life of a whore and expect a monument to one’s chastity.” This move on the part of America is undoubtedly like the saying that “the magistrates are allowed to burn down houses, while the common people are forbidden to even light lamps.” On one hand, it’s rendering and advocating Internet freedom and cyber democracy, posing as a “savior” for Internet freedom, while on the other hand, it’s manipulating the “Internet Navy” to interfere with Internet freedom, confusing and subverting cyber public opinions like a whore. America’s manipulating skills and insidious actions have not only shown the world the real face of America’s “fake Internet freedom,” but more importantly, see the relentless repression of America towards the freedom of speech on the Internet.

It is said that “when the map is unrolled, the dagger will be revealed”; America’s advocacy of Internet freedom is no more than a “G-string” for its mighty power, through which it intends to pursue its own interest. This American calling for “Internet freedom” is used as an excuse while underhandedly suppressing cyber public opinions.

It is said that one should not impose on others what one doesn’t want. The U.S. now truly holds the monopoly on “freedom” of cyber speech, but still unblushingly advocates “Internet freedom”; this is nothing but self-deception since no one will listen and believe this.

Huanqiu, China

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