India, Pakistan cricket diplomacy

A big show of diplomacy will be seen in India where the Cricket world cup 2011 is going on. By inviting Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani to watch the semi-final pitying India and Pakistan, the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has extended a hand of friendship which could henceforth redefine relations between the two countries.  

The semi-final match to be played on March 30, will see two traditional rivals compete for the final spot in the game. The game provides an opportunity for frank exchange of views on relations between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan National Cricket Team

Interestingly, this invitation has come at a time when the relations between the two countries are still strained by the Mumbai attacks in 2008. But still both countries are trying to move forward. The dialogue is expected to finalize the Mumbai matter and other matters and their foreign ministers are due to meet in Dehli, July 2011.

It is not only a cricket match between the two neighbors but will go a long way in improving the bilateral relations between the two neighbors. The people of both countries are cricket crazy and the age old rivalry between the two best teams of the region makes it the most exciting match of the World Cup. It can be said that this semi final match between India and Pakistan will be more exciting and thrilling than even the finals of the World Cup.

India National Cricket Team

The formal invitation letter was sent Friday, by the Indian government and later Mr. Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani confirmed his arrival on Wednesday.

The people of both countries are very confident that their team will win. Tears may flow for supporters of the team that eventually gets beaten. 

Meanwhile, it is not the first time the two countries invite their top leadership to watch a cricket match, but at this time of strained relations, the meeting between the Pakistani and Indian officials adds importance to the game. 

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had invited former Pakistan president Gen Pervez Musharraf to watch a one-day match in New Delhi in April 2005.

Who will win or who will lose may not really matter for the politicians – a real match between India and Pakistan will be determined by the outcome of envisaged diplomatic talks.

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