Impudicity of an American dreamer

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton caught world attention again with her wiseacre topos during her visit to Zambia, Tanzania and Ethiopia. True, she likes to sermonize and she likes making oblique reference to China. But her presumptuous and officiousness creeds on China’s neocolonialism in Africa became a worldwide laughingstock this time. Is it my illusion that the American is talking about anti-colonialism to Africans? If that is not yet enough, the clown even called for African countries to follow the path of the US in development. It is indeed crankiness that makes the unlettered more impudent and fearless.        

Her logic is untenable at all. So-called international standard is nothing but an American standard in her glossary. Only when the needy mouths in Africa meet requirements set by the US can they be bestowed with the handout. The conditional assistance is a disguised interference with domestic affairs of the other countries under the excuse of humanitarian aids. The West has conducted this deal for quite a while. They haven’t actually brought true development to the ragged continent. Disdaining this hypocritical business,

China insists on collaboration on equal and mutual beneficial footings. International standard is just a bold runaround for the West to regain their dominance of the continent sizzling with historical agonies from unclad killing and robbery from the West.

Hillary cannot wait to labeling China as a neocolonialist. This is just part of the US’ global containment policy aiming at China, after North Korea nuclear issue, South China Sea controversy, trade protectionism, RMB reevaluation, human rights, intellectual rights protection, carbon emission, natural resource market and so on.

While the NATO is bombing Libya savagely day and night in North Africa, how can the witch have the audacity and mind to talk about colonialism? The shameless attack on Libya exposes the hypocrisy of the West, which has lasted for decades after their cruel and criminal exploration shattered to pieces in mid 1900s.

The third world is fed up with their cliche of equality and respect. The turbid Iraq is an example, the chaotic Afghanistan is another example and now it is Libya’s turn. The former regimes of Iraq and Afghanistan and even Muammar Gaddafi were all friends or even allies with the US before. The only sensible explanation of the Americans’ current cheeky and ghastly hatred against Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and Gaddafi is that the Americans just childishly believe that everyone is as oblivious as themselves.

China’s expanding presence in Africa makes Hillary uneasy, especially the Chinese are extremely pragmatic and they are natural allies with African people for the similar distressful colonial histories shared by both peoples. There are no saviors in the world except ourselves. This is the bloody lesson we have learned with lives. That’s why our peoples cherish independence and freedom more than the West in national development.

China’s dazzling economic development catches worldwide attentions. It is natural for the other developing countries to carefully observe and think of China’s path. But it doesn’t mean they are to follow it. And Chinese government doesn’t expect it either, because the differentiated national conditions are the only starting point to draw individual countries’ routes.

Chinese people’s commitment to hard work and perseverance in rising in their own way at home and abroad discompose Hillary Clinton with understandable inquietudes, whose irresponsible barks only blemish the image of her own country. The Americans should update their outlooks on the fast changing world and reconsider their hegemony philosophy in dealing with the other countries. Both developed countries and emerging economies should materialize their colloquial respect for African countries into concrete actions. However the Africans will develop their own countries, the ultimate beneficiaries should be Africans.

The author is a doctorate candidate of communication studies at Communication University of China in Beijing.

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