Implicit UN-TRUTH of the UNSC Draft Resolution against Syria

Implicit UN-TRUTH of the UNSC Draft Resolution and Syria´s Obligation to Protect its Population and Territorial Integrity.


Responses from US and European Diplomats and Politicians to the Russian and Chinese Veto to the UNSC Draft Resolution on Syria have elicited responses which can no longer be described as normal diplomatic courtesy and etiquette.

Susan Rice, the highest US Diplomat to the United Nations and other used strong language such as “disgusting” and “disgusted”.

In private meetings, Russian politicians and diplomats are said to have “warned” France, and other NATO countries from military intervention.

This “warning” however, is late.

In numerous articles the author has documented that NATO has been operating inside Syria at least since August 2011, and after a recent article based on Palestinian Intelligence, it became obvious that the aggression was planned since at least 2010.

Rather than discussing the breeching of diplomatic etiquette by Rice, let us have a look at the Draft Resolution in question and see what it implies.

The Resolution was sponsored by:

Bahrain, Colombia, Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan, Kuwait,
Libya, Morocco, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Togo,
Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Northern Ireland and United States of America:
draft resolution

The United States, the United Kingdom, Qatar, and the new Libyan Government, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, have for months financed, armed, trained insurgents, supplied mercenary fighters to the so called Free Syrian Army, and in all possible ways violated international law.

It is stunning that these nations would at all sponsor a resolution against a government of a country, against which they admittedly are waging war.

The sponsors of the resolution are concerned about the deterioration and security in Syria, asking to end all violence:

Expressing grave concern at the deterioration of the situation in Syria, and
profound concern at the death of thousands of people and calling for an immediate
end to all violence,

The Syrian government has lifted the emergency laws. Pervasive reforms have been implemented. New parties established and approved. Amnesty has been granted for those who were caught up in the emotions of the violence and committed crimes.

The Syrian government has time and time again allowed the insurgents a cease fire, time to withdraw, and more, and is actively encouraging to end the violence.

The violence however is continued, and continued with the participation of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the USA, UK, and other NATO Countries.

See articles on “Syria” between August 2011 and February 2012 on nsnbc for ample documentation. See also the Arab leagues Observer Report.

Mindful that stability in Syria is key to peace and stability in the region,

It was the government of Syria that warned about the regional destabilization that will result from NATO´s destabilization of Syria.

Noting the announced commitments by the Syrian authorities to reform, and
regretting the lack of progress in implementation,

Comprehensive reforms have been implemented in spite of the NATO led aggression. Further implementation of reforms is pending on the Syrian Governments ability to secure Syrian citizens safety and the integrity of the country and it´s institutions.

The resolution then continues with these implicit UN-TRUTH.

widespread and gross violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms by the Syrian authorities, such as the use of force against civilians, arbitrary executions, killing and persecution of protesters and members of the media, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances, interference with access to medical treatment, torture, sexual violence, and ill-treatment, including against children;

A ratification of the UN Resolution would implicitly have approved that the Syrian government in deed is committing the heinous acts as described above.In fact, a review of the evidence of daily atrocities committed by NATO backed insurgents will show that the violations and crimes are in deed committed by the insurgents and not by the government that has the obligation to protect it´s citizens from them.

It continues with the following implicit UN-TRUTH:

that the Syrian government immediately put an end to all human rights violations and attacks against those exercising their rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association, protect its population, fully comply with its obligations under applicable international law and fully implement Human Rights Council resolutions S-16/1, S-17/1, S-18/1 and General Assembly resolution A/RES/66/176;

Syrians are peacefully assembling on a daily basis.

In fact they assemble in the hundreds of thousands, protesting the NATO Led aggression, thanking Russia for it´s integrity and support against NATO´s attempt to do with Syria what it did to Libya with the aid of a UNSC Resolution, celebrating their President and Syria, protesting against the foreign mercenaries that murder and commit the very acts which the resolution implicitly blames on the Syrian government.

Condemns all violence, irrespective of where it comes from, and in this regard demands that all parties in Syria, including armed groups, immediately stop all violence or reprisals, including attacks against State institutions, in accordance with the League of Arab States’ initiative;

Is this credible in the light of the fact that US, NATO, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, blatantly and openly finances and arms the insurgency ?

The government of Syria does not only have the “right”, it has the duty and solemn obligation to secure it´s territorial integrity, to defend the country from foreign backed insurgents, to uphold law and order, and protect it´s citizens from illegitimate and arbitrary use of power and violence.

Recalls that all those responsible for human rights violations, including acts of violence, must be held accountable;

The government of Syria has never encouraged or given orders to use illegitimate force against it´s citizens. It has investigated abuses and acted according to Syrian law. The government of Syria can hardly be held accountable for the human rights violations committed by NATO backed insurgents.

To the contrary, NATO´s, Qatar´s, Libya´s, Saudi Arabia´s, Jordan´s political and military leaders ought to be held accountable for the human rights violations and other blatant violations against international law that have been and are being committed.

The Draft resolution continues with other implicit declarations of guilt of the government of Syria. It´s ratification would have opened the door to further political and military abuse, and abuse of the United Nations.

The Draft resolution is published in it´s entirety on nsnbc and can be accessed by following the link below.

Please do read relevant articles on Syria already published on nsnbc by following this link: nsnbc Syria DRAFT RESOLUTION N1222375



Dr. Christof Lehmann, nsnbc

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