Ignorance is Bliss: Until You Are Incinerated in a Nuclear Exchange

The purpose of corporate “news” media is to dull your mind and insure you are sufficiently dumbed down and distracted from the real issues, by feeding you pointless irrelevant social trivia.

As long as you are distracted, you are unable to organize, get involved, or seek change, which is exactly what corporate media wants, and is exactly where they have you. Don’t think so? Answer the following questions:

We have been at war in Afghanistan for over 13 years; why? What are we fighting for? Who are we fighting? Where is Afghanistan and why can’t most Americans even find it on a map after 13 years of war?

How about Iraq? Most Americans cannot find Iraq on a world map, can you? How long have we been at war in Iraq? Why are we at war in Iraq? Who are we fighting in Iraq? What do they want? What do we want?

How about Syria? Who are we fighting? Where is Syria on a map? Who or what is ISIS? What do they want? Are we with or against Assad? Why are we helping Al-Qaeda?

Let’s look at Libya? Why did we bomb it daily for seven consecutive months? Where is Libya on a map? Why did we support Muammar al- Quadafi, then help kill him? What has happened to Libya after we bombed them to save them?

How about Egypt? Who is the current dictator of Egypt and why do we support a dictator? How do we support him?

How about Russia? Most Americans do not have a clue that we are now very close to a war with Russia, but then again most folks never saw World War I coming either.

Why do we now have troops in the all the Baltic States on the border with Russia? Why are we installing missiles on Russia’s border?

Where is the Ukraine in relationship to the US? Where is the Ukraine in relationship to Russia? How many military bases does Russia have outside Russia? How many military bases does the US have outside of its borders?

What was the Kennedy’s reaction when he found out that Russia had installed missiles in Cuba?

Why is the US having “war games” less than one mile from the Russian border?

How many foreign nations has Russia invaded since the end of WWII? How many nations has the US invaded or bombed since the end of WWII? Why does corporate media depict Russia as militarily aggressive?

Why did the US spend 5 billion dollars promoting unrest an orchestrating a coup against a democratically elected government in the Ukraine? Why did the foul mouthed neocon US ambassador, Victoria Nuland say, and what did she mean, when she so eloquently said: “F… the EU”?

How about China? Where is the South China Sea in relationship to both China and the US? Why is the US establishing missiles and a military base in Australia? Where is Australia in relationship to China? Why has the US flown provocative flights very near Chinese claimed Islands in the South China Sea?

Yemen. Where is it? Why are we helping the most brutal dictatorship in the world, Saudi Arabia, bomb Yemen into annihilation?

And finally folks, one last serous question. What is wrong with a nation that has been at war through 93% of its history?

OK, so you are not a genius and you may not be able to answer all of the above questions, so try this on. When was the last time you heard any serious discussion of one of these issues by corporate news media outlets? OK perhaps I am a bit harsh, so let’s get to what you do know because of corporate news media.

Most Americans know all about, over and underinflated footballs. Most Americans know just about all there is to know about the Kardashians and the Bruce Jenner saga. Think about the pablum you are being fed and the great questions that are being avoided by corporate media.

Reading www.InformationClearinghouse.info may not broaden your knowledge of properly inflated footballs and the Kardashians, but it will help you to understand that neocon idiots are bringing us to the brink of a nuclear holocaust with Russia and China?


Joe Clifford lives in Rhode Island



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