If US Democracy Is Dead (NOT THAT IT EVER EXISTED)- What Potential Forms of Dictatorship Come Next?

By the time the Battle of Arginusae trials purged the best generals, and Socrates drank the hemlock, and Plato wrote his “Republic,” Athenian democracy had metastasized into a corrupt sham. A sizable number of US citizens currently view the American republic (now empire) with the same disgust that Plato viewed Athens’ failed democracy. In what would have been inconceivable ten years ago, many long for a dictator to rescue them from “democracy,” which operates as neoliberal totalitarianism coated with a veneer of identity politics. Democracy is cool until it isn’t.

Apart from some isolated rainforest tribes and shipwrecked castaways that fall below Dunbar’s Number, to my knowledge, true democracy has never existed in city-states or nations. To the credit of the framers of the Athenian and US Constitutions, they installed democratic institutions that offered civil liberties and political participation to a segment of the population.

However, democracies and republics eventually get hollowed out by their oligarchies and wind up dictatorships. Authoritarianism is the new black.

While democracy is deader than Hunter Biden’s front-line brain cells after a crack pipe mega-hit, I still dig the concept. For Hobbes fans, to take artistic license with a “Forrest Gump” line, “Dictators are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” Even if an enlightened philosopher-dictator shows up, what comes after? Commodus followed Marcus Aurelius. If I had to pick a political label, I would choose “democratic socialist libertarian.”

What does that oxymoron mean? Government subsidized flying cars with free weed and AR-15s for everyone. Our state license plate motto would read: “Mind Your Business F@gg!t.”* On a less reductive level, democratic socialist libertarianism represents the yin-yang balance between individual liberty and the collective welfare. Why can’t we have free speech, gun rights, and universal healthcare?

(*Not intended as an epithet against gay people. It’s just that I haven’t found an adequate replacement descriptor for punk ass b!tch posers, especially the anonymous online keyboard-alpha variety who front hard, but would piss their panties if they ran into Arnold from “Different Strokes.” Apologies to the gay community for the lexicon delay.)

If you don’t like my democratic socialist libertarian model—relax chum. My utopian vision jerkoff is no more valid than your utopian vision jerkoff. Real change seems unlikely until system collapse. After that, it goes how it goes. I’m just a Gen X old head raised on Madison Avenue advertising and archaic TV reruns. I’m “koo koo for Cocoa Puffs” and live on “Gilligan’s Island.” Process that through the Tao and you get me.

The Stanley Kubrick film, “A Clockwork Orange” provides a good depiction of current US totalitarianism. The movie presents a dystopian society plagued by crumbling infrastructure, reduced services, high crime rates, wealth inequality, criminal policing, a checked-out populace distracted by drugs and vapid pop culture managed by a corrupt duopoly.

The political class deals with social problems by building more prisons, and when that proves inadequate, incorporates invasive behavior modification technology (“Ludovico Technique”) that strips subjects of their free will. Anthony Burgess, the author of “A Clockwork Orange,” said his novel portrayed “liberalism gone mad.”

To me, that translates to end-stage liberalism, which is a corporate fascist core covered by a liberal patchwork shell. That’s why the US comes off as an incongruent schizoid mess. Picture fat ugly purple-haired ‘trans-feminist Rambos’ adorned with rainbow flag and #BLM insignia drone-killing third-world brown babies for BlackRock. It’s weird optics. If we’re at the “A Clockwork Orange” mark, then the next logical phase of dictatorship is Huxley’s “Brave New World,” i.e., technocracy.

The owners want technocracy. Beyond COVID as a money maker and attack against China, a major motive behind the pandemic’s mRNA biometric vax passport ID-digital wallet agenda was to fast-track us into technocracy. High-tech surveillance systems, biogenetic engineering, AI, nanotechnology, manipulated viruses, brain/hand chips, and killer robots offer the ruling class unprecedented control over their subjects, as well as the ability to cull the billions eventually made redundant by automation- human carbon reduction.

If we’ve reached the stage where they’re launching bio-attacks against the public, imagine the depraved medical experimentation taking place in secret black-op labs on prisoners and kidnapped children. The crimes of these “scientists” and their employers far exceed anything attributed to Dr. Mengele.

French philosopher Jean Baudrillard claimed that we’ve passed the point of no return into technocracy, resulting in the destruction of the “real” through “simulacra and simulation.” Baudrillard said that advanced technology combined with end-stage capitalism and violent empire (system) collapse heralded the extinction of the human race. He advised accepting humanity’s inevitable demise with “ecstasy.” A postmodern simulation of Norman Vincent Peale theory.

From my viewpoint, American philosopher/mail bomb killer Ted Kaczynski provided the most cogent analysis on the dangers of technology. Setting aside that the Western ruling class consists of corrupt sadistic worms, even if managed by a well-intentioned “council of wise elders,” the uncontrollable nature of technology makes it dangerous to humans and the planet. In his manifesto, Kaczynski gave the example of AI supercomputers running a complex global system constantly evolving into greater levels of complexity, making decoupling suicidal to the human race.

In that scenario, humans would be along for the ride. For a current example of technology gone wrong, check out Japan’s dumping of Fukushima radioactive wastewater into the ocean, a project greenlighted by their US Anglo-Zionist Empire masters, likely intended to poison China’s coastal waters.

No previous ruling class ever tried to kill the ocean as a “move.” We’re approaching peak evil with stockpiles of genetically engineered super plagues and nuclear bombs.

In theory, advanced technology should raise the “happiness quotient,” but simple observation tells the opposite story. Millions of homeless tent-squat on America’s streets under the shadows of “smart technology” luxury skyscrapers. Suicide rates are up as overall US life expectancy continues to decline. Many “socially functional” citizens drink puddle water cocktails infused with mental meds and digital distraction to keep from offing themselves.

As Kaczynski believed technology led to human extinction, he advocated jamming a wrench into the gears of the machine to facilitate the permanent destruction of advanced technical systems. I appreciate Kaczynski’s viewpoint, and his predictions seem accurate, but I disagree with him in principle. I like hot showers on demand and loathe the prospect of slow-dying from a horrific disease easily treated with antibiotics.

Plus, a Star Trek future sounds pretty groovy. In his book, “Operating Manual for Planet Earth,” scientist Buckminster Fuller offered a compelling alternative to Kaczynski’s grim outlook through “wasted energy”* (*as per physics) recycling, technological systems harmonious with the natural world, and win-win cooperation.

Short of a collective consciousness epiphany miracle, I see little chance of positive technological evolution within our current paradigm. The viability of Buckminster Fuller’s blueprint would need to be reassessed post-empire collapse. Assuming humans still exist.

If it comes down to a choice between Davos high-tech “Kingdom of Hell on Earth” or small bands of hunter-gatherers tracking deer through the ruins of abandoned vine-covered skyscrapers, I say jam that wrench in deep. Like Salt-N-Pepa said, “Push it good. Push it real good.”

When touching on other forms of potential future dictatorship, I’m going to skip the technology aspect, as I’ve already covered that in principle. Barring catastrophic collapse, it stands to reason any future dictatorship would inherit some or all of its predecessor’s technological capabilities.

If the economy tanks and things become too shaky, the owners may employ the “strongman model” for which Trump provided the unintended prototype. Run an oligarch “populist” younger than Trump in the general election and after he wins, stage a false flag terror attack, invoke the National Emergencies Act, and elect him “President for life.”

To release built-up steam, let the ‘lynch mob courage club’ beat up sugarplum fairies and Daily Worker “Barton Fink” lookalikes. Just don’t touch the Federal Reserve rebranded Patriot Reserve.

A managed civil war (another potential strongman vehicle) that goes out of control or similar Black Swan event offer the possibility of the uncaged strongman, i.e., a “real motherf*cker.” The type of cat who covers the White House’s edifice with human skulls like a Caribbean conch shell house, and hangs his enemies on lamp posts along Constitution Avenue, keeping the corpses strung up for as long as the Department of Public Health permits, as an indelible message to those who’d f*ck with him.

With luck, his code included defending the orphan, widow, and working man. He might even be crazy enough to take on the Federal Reserve mafia. Or he could just feed his own face. Barring collapse, only a hardcore mutha propelled by the winds of Providence armed with a powerful fire and iron douche could clean out the Whore of Babylon’s maggot-infested c*nt. Those who lived inside the box would need the agility of a Tao warrior monk to avoid getting burnt or cut.

A variant of the “strongman model” is military dictatorship. After the food riots, a Pentagon general asks himself, “If Napoleon did it, why can’t I?” Sell it to Raytheon, declare martial law, shoot the troublemakers. Bing bang boom.

As the US Anglo-Zionist Empire is a simmering cauldron of racial tension, race-based dictatorship warrants investigation. One could argue that the US is currently a racial dictatorship controlled by Jewish power elitists and their Anglo loyalists and Brahmin tech scribes. That demographic breakdown only pertains to the donor class. The average Jew, Anglo-White, or Hindu has zero input in US policy.

If the Rothschild-Rockefeller bank cartel ever decides on an “official” race-based dictatorship, with Deep State HAL running the program, the owners could promote any group into management they wanted. ADL-CIA-MIC Hollywood could fire Black “Mike Brady” and CGI the ghost of Robert Reed. Whatever the managerial racial makeup, citizen-serfs, regardless of origin, would continue their downward spiral into barcode slavery and poverty.

The owners want “managed” race war. Like a warden who pits rival prison gangs against each other to prevent them from organizing a unified rebellion, the owners rule through “divide and conquer.” I strongly advise against taking the race war bait. As seen with the Russo-Ukrainian inter-Slavic conflict, BlackRock usually wins.

In the event of empire collapse followed by “unmanaged” racial warfare, the US could split into ethno-states with possible accompanying ideological states. In an organic post-collapse race war, I doubt one group would rule over the continental US. This isn’t the 1960s. Or even the 1990s.

For example, in a breakup scenario, I think a southwestern Mexican/Hispanic ethno-state becomes highly probable. America lost the Vietnam War partly because the Viet Cong maintained supply lines from Laos and Cambodia (Ho Chi Minh Trail). Latin America could provide a steady stream of weapons and manpower to a Mexican/Hispanic ethno-state.

Brazil produces Embraer jets and Taurus firearms. Mexico’s Ford and GM factories could be retooled for a war economy. The battle-hardened Mexican cartel head choppers have fought their own Vietnam since the early 2000s GW Bush manufactured drug wars. Those cats have real notches on their gun belts, not the PlayStation kind. In fairness to a Mexican/Hispanic ethno-state, the United States illegally seized over a third of Mexico following the US-initiated Mexican-American War.

A possible wildcard variable entails one side getting hold of the nuclear arsenal. However, even then, the victor(s) would need to contend with a nuclear fallout environment. Furthermore, outside parties could covertly supply nukes to the non-nuke opposition to maintain the balance of power. All that scene requires is a shipping container and launch mechanism.

Please note that if a post-collapse race war popped off, the real battle would be over resources, e.g., women, land, energy, food, water, mineral deposits, weapon depots, fine-ass women. When it comes to resource acquisition, racial ideology takes second place, which translates into intra-race faction conflicts and cross-racial alliances that facilitate getting what needs to get got.

I find negotiated quasi-peaceful separation into ethno and ideological states far preferable to race war bloodbath.

Another form of potential dictatorship is the “warlord model,” most likely seen in a post-collapse setting. This could manifest as a free-for-all between oligarch and corporate mercenary armies, Pentagon factions, rouge law enforcement agencies, race soldiers, militias, gangbangers, organized crime, religious cults, and armed political parties. Imagine a high-tech version of Europe’s Thirty Years’ War, which wiped out a third of the Germanic population.

Mercenary bonuses often get paid via an ultra-violence license to rape, plunder, and pillage. Cue the “A Clockwork Orange” scene where Alex offers his rendition of “Singing in the Rain.” An American Peace of Westphalia could see the US separated into a patchwork of warlord and or corporate fiefdoms. Or one mega-corporation takes over the whole thing, resulting in rule by “The Corporation”- a situation not much different from today.

With mass disenchantment of democracy, I see some even advocating for a return to medieval-type rule by bloodline aristocracy. I think many of these “Game of Thrones” fans believe they’ll pull the sword from the stone and get appointed king by Merlin. Feudalism was exploitative, as evidenced by the violently crushed French, English, and German Peasants’ Revolts.

It’s cool to be king, but it sucks to be the serf. European royalty didn’t begin with Princess Di tea cozies. After the collapse of the western Roman Empire, when roving gangs of killer bandits came upon suitable locales, they killed the alpha males, put the betas to work in the fields, and snatched up the best-looking women.

Over time the gang leaders became dukes, princes, and kings. A millennia of inbreeding, soft living, and debauchery produced blobs like Great Britain’s current King Charles. What a “history repeats itself” moment if gangbangers start America’s future royal bloodlines.

An authoritarian regime could express itself through theocracy. If the US Anglo-Zionist Empire continues and the rainbow flag loses its appeal, Christian Nationalism could represent the final stage of empire. While Christianity is a near-dead religion in Europe, it still maintains some kick in America. Transitioning to Christian Nationalist governance could be as simple as peeling the rainbow flag stickers off the Raytheon missiles and replacing them with the Cross decals.

The MIC-Federal Reserve-Deep State triad would need a religious makeover. After that, America would be perfectly situated to start WW3 Armageddon to usher in the Rapture and the return of “Mushroom Cloud” Jesus.

Empire collapse could birth more organic strains of theocracy. In an End Times “Fire and Brimstone” America, expect plenty of stake burnings, beheadings, and other stimulating forms of live entertainment. A variety of religious sects, cults, and zealots would vie for their piece of the action, including Christian Taliban, strapped Catholic exorcist priests, Pentecostal snake handlers, jihad crews, and as a Jewish Hebrew Israelite (Jew/k!ke) who follows the Tao, my personal favorite- Hebrew Israelites (Black, White, Christian, etc.).

Wait until “Judeo-Christians” meet Black Jesus or White Elijah and his army of prophets. American Hebrew Israelites are some of the most “hold the mark” “off the chain” cats on planet Earth. When they deliver a sermon, people listen.

I realize other potential forms of future dictatorship exist. Those listed jumped out at me.

It’s conceivable that the current “liberal democracy” dictatorship keeps chugging along, slow-cooking the public into frog soup. Blue Team could rig the elections again, giving us four more years of dementia zombie Biden or his body double. If the owners ever need to swing the pendulum “right,” truck out Red Team duopolists like Ted Cruz to lecture us on “family values” and better sell the war against the “Chicoms.”

American normies claim to love liberty and “freedom fries,” but most are police state jackboot shine boys. As long as the owners control the security forces and surveillance technology, and keep the masses digitally entertained and fed, I see zero to no chance of real insurrection. Any gaps left by the killer robots would be filled with bug larvae Big Macs, virtual reality porn, and Big Pharma soma.

No reform or savior can come from “the system.” The “world’s richest” brain-chipping Skynet frontman can’t save you. Neither can a reality TV star or Ivy League Big Pharma Brahmin. No matter how many times you plug in the numbers, the same answer comes up- collapse.

In an environment of continual overlapping systems of technical complexity, pathological corruption, bio-weapon pandemics, looming economic meltdown, ecological destruction, supply chain glitches, open borders immigration, and the first stages of WW3, all managed by a class of weasel nitwits- US collapse appears inevitable.

The first question is, when? The second is, how many people die?

Hindus refer to the time of peak evil as the age of Kali Yuga. Ancient Greeks named it the 5th/Iron Age, and Christians call it the End Times. In New Age crystal-speak, we live in the Piscean Age- or authoritarian age. The Aquarian Age, a time of freedom and enlightenment, represents the next cycle. If such an age comes to fruition, I doubt I’ll live to see it. Likely neither will you. It’s probably for the best.

We come from a poisonous age. We’d only contaminate the new one. With luck, trustworthy guardians lead the children whose DNA remains intact to the other side. That’s the real mission.

If we’re approaching peak evil, then logic dictates peak violence accompanies it.

Joke time. What do you get when miscreant cabalists who multitask global genocide, planetary looting, and serf population subjugation let their hand slip from the lever for a single distracted moment? Like Led Zeppelin said- “No Quarter.” Ha ha ha.

By Richard Solomon

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