If I Were a Russian Strategist, I’d Say “Invade the Ukraine”




Too much talk about joining NATO, and that’s too close to Moscow, plus the West’s unremitting hostility to Russia pulling the sort of stunts that the US pulls frequently, indicates that the West is a real danger and that if they waste this opportunity, they won’t get another one.

I’d advise Putin to go.

(For the thick, I hope they don’t, and I’m not a Russian strategist.  Just saying that just as losing Sevastopol and Crimea was something Russia could NOT tolerate, that Ukraine joining NATO is an actual red line.)


By Ian Welsh


If I were a Russian Strategist I’d say “invade the Ukraine”







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  1. VietnamVet PERMALINK
    April 26, 2014

    The crazies in charge in Washington DC are challenging Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine. This gets the war they want and destabilizes Russia, making it all the better to exploit, again. What is insane that they can’t conceive a former KGB officer not learning from Barbarossa and the French Invasion and waiting until chaos descends on Ukraine? Then the Russian Troops will be welcomed in as Peace Keepers.

    This is a replay of 1914 a century later and signals the end of the American Empire. The only question left is will WW III be avoided or are we dead men walking?

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